12 Best AI Script Writers (Free & Paid Options)

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Scriptwriting is a major work in all types of industries, from marketing to creative content. Everyone needs a scriptwriter to create content to promote their products and services or to monetize to earn money. Script writing used to be one of the most time-consuming tasks, and it also used to take a lot of research, but still, it is one of the most fascinating careers, and many of us have searched how to make a film script online at once in our whole lives.

But now times have changed, and so has the scriptwriting process. Now AI has expanded itself to every sector, covering script writing too. 

In this blog, we will discuss and define key features of the best AI script writers, who are too fine in their work and can write amusing scripts on a few prompts. 

The 12 Best AI Script Writers are as follows :

1. Rytr

1. Rytr: AI Script Writers
AI Script Writers

Rytr is one of the best and the favorite of many users. It provides too much value for money at its cost and has a fun-to-impact AI integrated into it. You just have to write the prompt and choose the style and tone of the script. The rest will be done by the Rytr in fractions of seconds.

Key Features:

  • Huge value for money.
  • A good option for all types of content & scriptwriters.
  • Versatile writing styles.
  • It is highly optimized for short-content script writing.


$0/month$9/month (get 2 month free)$28/month (get 2 month free)

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2. Fraze

2. Fraze: AI Script Writers
AI Script Writers

It’s an all-in-one AI writing tool with lots of features and many content marketers’ favorite tools too. It is highly optimized, and its AI integration writes in SEO-optimised scripts. Its AI can generate any type of content from over 25 preset templates.   

Key Features:

  • Community support.
  • SEO & keyword research integrated 
  • Content planning, writing, optimization, and beyond
  • Easy to use



3. Copy.ai

3. Copy.ai: AI Script Writers
AI Script Writers

It’s an AI-based content writer used by over 5 million professionals and teams. It helps to create content 20x faster than traditional ways. Supports various use cases for all social media platforms. 100+ tools to choose from. It helps you decide the tone and style of content too.

Key Features:

  • free plan is available
  • Can create content for all platforms
  • Very easy-to-use interface
  • A long list of tools.



4. Jasper

4. Jasper: AI Script Writers
AI Script Writers

Creates very high-quality content and scripts in short prompts, making her one of the most famous content writers in the market currently. Can write content as humanly as it can without anyone getting a single hint that it is AI-written content or script. Anything from a content script to product copywriting, Jasper can do it for you.

Key Features:

  • Uses ChatGPT-4 AI to ensure high-quality content
  • Best Editor in terms of features and design
  • There is a huge inventory to select templates from.
  • High-Quality outputs.


Bussiness ProCreator
Custom Pricing$69/month$49/month

5. Sudowrite

5. Sudowrite: AI Script Writers
AI Script Writers

Sudowrite is very famous for its creative writing, mostly preferred by novel writers and authors. Give it a good idea and some story points to write on and it will write you up a complete story. Its creative writing is very specific (short stories, screenplays, novels, etc.).

Key Features:

  • Tools for creative writing with templates.
  • AI art generator too.
  • Brainstorming tools are also available.
  • Easy-to-use interface.


$19/month$29/month $59/month

6. INK

6. INK: AI Script Writers
AI Script Writers

Developed and based on the same features as other AI script writers, it stands out for its ability to create SEO-optimised content and scripts for better ranking at SERP. It also neglects the chances of getting penalties from Google. It uses AI to create content that is secure and looks humanly written. 

Key Features:

  • Ai content shield 
  • AI-generated content plans
  • A variety of AI templates
  • WordPress Integration



7. Writesonic 

7. Writesonic: AI Script Writers
AI Script Writers

ChatGPT-4, based on Writesonic, is very popular for its AI writing, copywriting, and paraphrasing tools integrated with ChatGPT-4 AI. A big selection of AI tools and templates makes the writer’s work easy and fast as well. Can do highly optimized and creative writing for short and long scripts.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Top-notch UI & UX
  • Good pricing compared to the competition 
  • A huge number of preset templates and content. 


FreeSmall TeamEnterpriseFreelancer

8. Quillbot

8. Quillbot: AI Script Writers
AI Script Writers

QuillBot is very famous among content writers and scripters as it has some freely available functions like a paraphraser, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, summarizer, and more. It also provides these features for Chrome and MS Word as an extension. It has both paid and free options. Users can choose according to their set of needs.

Key Features:

  • Fresh and interactive UI & UX
  • Free tools for all with unlimited uses
  • Paraphrasing works excellently and must be tried.


FreePremiumSemi Annual (33% Off)Annual (58% Off)
$0/month$9.95/month$6.66/month $4.17/month

9. WordHero

9. WordHero: AI Script Writers
AI Script Writers

Based on GPT-3, it’s a powerful tool for AI-based content and script writing. Generates unique and plagiarism-free content and scripts in seconds. 70+ pre-set templates for every use case. It can generate any type of content, from blogs to product descriptions, emails, and Quora reviews too.  

Key Features:

  • 100+ AI tools
  • Keyword and SEO assistant
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multi language.


CREATOR Lifetime StarterLifetime Pro
$49/month$99/month (access to Generator)$297/month (access to Generator & Editor)

10. ContentForge

10. ContentForge: AI Script Writers
AI Script Writers

As the name suggests, it forges content by using an integrated AI assistant in a few seconds. Give it a prompt, and it will serve you fresh and unique. It can be used for creating any writing content like scripts, landing pages, emails, etc.

It is mainly famous for its content written around marketing channels. Offers multi-language support to create content in over 24+ languages; all content will be unique each time, even if the command or prompt is the same. 

Key Features:

  • big range of presets for ideas
  • Efficient for all
  • One place to stop for all
  • Output quality is too high.


FreeStandard Unlimited

11. GetGenie

11. GetGenie: AI Script Writers
AI Script Writers

Perfect for WordPress Getgenie is the personal favorite choice of many who do blog writing on WordPress. It offers a WordPress plugin, so you can use its AI suggestions while writing content for WordPress blogs. The easy-to use interface makes it one of the best too, and it’s a plugin to use as it’s highly optimised to do blog and content writing. Also, it comes with keyword tools, SEO tools, and many more tools.

Key Features:

  • Plugin for WordPress.
  • Easy to use.
  • A variety of content types are supported 
  • SEO and keyword-optimised AI


Free Agency Pro Writer

12. Scalenut

12. Scalenut: AI Script Writers
AI Script Writers

It’s a tool for business content writing with high output. Contains 40+ AI-powered and based tools that can be used to generate all types of content as the user wants. It comes with SEO optimization tools like content scoring, NLP recommendations, and more.  It has everything one needs to write content and copywrite 

Key Features:

  • 40 + tools based and powered by Ai
  • Cruise mode
  • Highly optimize
  • Content scoring based on AI


EssentialGrowth ProEnterprise
$39/month$79/month$149/monthCustom Pricing


AI script writers use ChatGPT and other AI to collect data, write content as per our needs, and try to make the script as humanly possible as possible. It’s bad if it’s not done correctly. That is why, before uploading any content, do check it with ZeroGpt and other tools that can catch AI-written content. These tools mentioned above are highly optimized in these terms and can write as humanly as they can to not get caught by Google’s algorithm.

All 12 best tools with their key features, prices, and links are provided above. You can kick-start your script writer journey from here right now by choosing a tool that is likely to meet your needs, and do check out our other top AI tools list so you can get more efficient in your work.

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