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12 Best AI Video Background Remover Tools: Goodbye Backgrounds, Hello Perfection

AI Video Background Remover
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Picture this, you have a captivating video, but the background isn’t quite hitting the mark or you’d prefer it to vanish entirely. Enter the world of AI video background removers – the ultimate wizards of the video editing realm. These cutting-edge tools harness the power of artificial intelligence to effortlessly eliminate backgrounds, leaving you with a clean slate to work your creative magic.

In the article, I’ll tell you about the best AI video background removers based on the key features and prices and this will help you to choose your favorite tool for removing backgrounds from your videos without any hassle and effort. 

Let’s now jump into the list.

12 Must-Try AI Video Background Removers Tools

1. Remove. Bg

1. Remove. Bg: AI Video Background Removers
AI Video Background Removers

One of the oldest AI-based video background removers in the market launched in 2018 is now in its very advanced form. As it has been updated now and then. This tool is perfect for all types of professionals as it provides very high-quality video background removal.


  • Process videos to remove backgrounds.
  • Retain fine details like hair and fur.
  • Quick processing time.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Available via API for developers.


FreeSubscriptionPay As You Go

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2. Pixelcut

2. Pixelcut: AI Video Background Removers
AI Video Background Removers

Pixelcut is a free tool for removing backgrounds from both photos as well as videos. Will help you a lot if you have an online store or something to get your photos and videos done for posting. Mainly focused on removing backgrounds from product photos and videos.


  • Replace background in few clicks
  • Magic erasing
  • Friendly interface
  • Free of cost


FreeMonthly PlanAnnual Plan
$0/month$9.99/month$59.99/month ( 50% Off )


3. AI Video Background Removers
AI Video Background Removers

Removal AI allows us to remove background from images and videos and helps us to create a high-quality video without background so that we can put a background of our choice.  Works on all platforms mobile to laptop and can remove background from any resolution and size video or photo without any hassle. Simply upload the video, click on remove background, and wait till it processes the video and photo to remove the background. It uses AI to calculate what’s in the background and what’s not.


  • Instant removal of background with the help of AI
  • High quality and fast performance
  • API integration
  • Can be used by everyone easily.


FreeMonthly Lifetime
$0$0.14 PER IMAGE$0.38 PER IMAGE

4. Cutout pro

4. Cutout pro: AI Video Background Removers
AI Video Background Removers

An all-in-one platform for removing background and much more. Uses Ai background remover to remove unwanted background from the videos without any hassle and it also gives you a very high-quality resolution. No compromise to the quality of video or photo while removing background, Supports all formats and resolutions. It provides the best solutions for automatic background removal from the background.


  • Remove background and put greenscreen for further editing
  • Endless variations in background removal
  • Save time because of automation
  • Cost effective and reliable 


FreePay As You Go
Free TrialCustom Pricing

5. pixlr

5. pixlr: AI Video Background Removers
AI Video Background Removers

An online AI-based automatic background remover from video and photos that helps us to remove background from both videos and photos without any effort, You just have to upload the photo or video and wait till It gets completely rendered after that just wait for a few minutes so that It can process and remove the background.


  • Powered by hightech Ai for better results
  • High quality rendering
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Can be used in big projects 



6. Wondarshare Filmora

6. Wondarshare Filmora: AI Video Background Removers
AI Video Background Removers

Wondarshare Filmora is a full-fledged video editing software for beginners to professionals. It has various video editing tools for video editing and it’s one of the best software in the market for video editing. Wondashare Filmora also uses integrated AI for background removal from videos and pics. Without any extra work you can use its background removing tool to remove background in just a few clicks. The removal process is fast and quick and easy to access.

Anyone with some basic experience can use its tool and can extract high resolution and perfect quality without compromising the quality of the video. All this has been developed by WonderShare Filmora for a long time by using users’ reviews and opinions so that its users can get an enhanced experience in every bit of their software.


  • Full fledged software with integrated Ai
  • Industry leading tool
  • Comes with various ai tools
  • Powerfull to process high end editing and videos


Subscription PlanCross-Platform PlanPerpetual Plan

7. Animoto

7. Animoto: AI Video Background Removers
AI Video Background Removers

Animoto is very popular for simplifying the video editing process by using AI integration in its software.  It also integrates AI in the video background removal process to make it simple and easy for the user to remove backgrounds from their videos without too much hassles.

It helps educators, Youtubers, and content creators to remove background from any clip they want to make their content more effective and catchy for viewers without too much work. Its user interface is very easy to understand and use.


  • Content creator friendly
  • Pre-set templates 160+
  • Standard quality of 720p
  • Easily removes backgrounds from videos



8. Movavi

8. Movavi: AI Video Background Removers
AI Video Background Removers

Movavi is also a full-fledged video editor, well known for its video editing capabilities and friendly user interface. Ai-integrated video background remover helps users remove backgrounds on the go without any hassle.

Providing a seamless editing experience with the help of various AI tools. It provides high-resolution videos in output without degrading the quality of videos. Can remove the video background in a few clicks and in no time. It also provides real-time tracking video background removing features which is a very high-end thing.


  • Compatible to both windows and Mac
  • Wide range of editing tools for users
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Keyframe editing, audio and video editing


Video EditorVideo Editor PlusVideo Suite Plus

9. InVideo

9. InVideo: AI Video Background Removers
AI Video Background Removers

Invideo is high-end video editing software and also a platform for various AI-enabled tools to use in video editing. One of the AI-integrated tools is the AI-powered background video removal tool. AI-powered removal tools ensure ease for the user and with a few clicks, anyone can remove the background from any video.

It also has a very versatile and user-friendly interface. If you’re looking for video editing software with various AI-powered tools, Invideo is a software to go for and let’s now see its key features.   


  • Create videos with text prompts
  • Turn any idea or content tovideo, instantly
  • Complete editing control
  • complete video solution in one AI tool


$0/month $25/month$60/month

10. Kapwing

10. Kapwing: AI Video Background Removers
AI Video Background Removers

Known for its simple user-friendly interface and easy to use for all from professionals to newbies it is one of the best Ai integrated video editing software. It comes with an integrated AI background-removing tool. This ensures that you’ll get perfect background-removed videos without downgrading video quality. It precisely removes the background and provides high-quality results.

Apart from this, this software provides various tools to ease your editing process. If you are looking for software with various AI-powered tools and capabilities you can have a look at this software.


  • Create more content in less time
  • From first draft to final video, 10x faster
  • Connect everyone in the creative process
  • Edit in real time together
  • Trusted by millions of creators all over the world 


$0/month$16/month$50/monthCustom Pricing

11. Veed

11. Veed: AI Video Background Removers
AI Video Background Removers

Veed, an online video editing platform, comes with AI-powered tools like AI background remover. Its user interface is very friendly making it very easy to use for anyone interested in video editing. Its AI is very powerful and optimized to remove backgrounds from video. Easy to use, just drag and drop your video and give commands for removing the background and in no time you will get results that will blow your mind. As it is online there is no need to download it and eat up your device storage.


  •  Full-featured. Not complicated.
  • Save time. Boost quality.
  • Record and edit in one place.
  • Add Subtitles with a Single Click


$0/month$3.50/month$7.22/month$18.09/monthCustom Pricing

12. Descript

12. Descript: AI Video Background Removers
AI Video Background Removers

One of the best background-removing software present in the industry currently. Uses AI integration for the removal of background from the videos without any hassle for the user. Anyone can use it as it is very user-friendly and accessible on all types of devices. Quality will not be an issue after removing backgrounds.


  •  Descript for work
  • AI features that are actually useful
  • One tool for your full workflow
  • Edit by script and scene


FreeCreator ProPremium
$0/month$15/month$30/monthCustom Pricing


I hope this article will help you to find the best AI video background removers which would be perfect in terms of pricing and key features. I have gone through all the software’s websites and interfaces to write this article to reduce your work and to save you time.

Choose the best AI background remover according to your choice and demands and start your video editing career now.

86 / 100

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