15 AI Video Editing Software

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Video editing is experiencing major innovations and improvements as a result of the latest developments in artificial intelligence technology. Video editors allow anyone to edit videos quickly and easily, even without professional editing experience. They can automatically edit raw footage, add effects and transitions, fix issues like shakiness, and more

Article explores the 15 best AI video editing software available in 2024 based on features, accuracy, ease of use, supported file types, pricing, and more. Whether you’re a professional video editor looking to speed up workflows or an amateur trying to create amazing videos without much effort, there’s likely an AI video editing tool here for you.

15 AI Video Editing Software

1. Clipchamp

AI Video-Editing Software - clipchamp
AI Video-Editing Software

Clipchamp is an easy-to-use and efficient online video editor. It has equipment for trimming, cropping, and adding textual content and audio to make quick edits without needing a complicated professional software program. Good for novices, short social media, presentations, or private films.


  • Browser-based editor – Allows for easy video creation without downloads
  • Templates – Professionally designed video starting points to customize
  • Stock media library – Library of clips, images, and more to enhance videos
  • Auto text-to-speech – Converts text into realistic voiceovers
  • Basic editing tools – Essentials like trimming, text, transitions, and audio tweaks



2. WeVideo  

AI Video-Editing Software - wevideo
AI Video-Editing Software

WeVideo is a cloud video editor for beginners and professionals. It has a full set of equipment like timeline enhancement, transitions, effects, and audio enhancements. Supports far-off crew collaboration. Intuitive interface and flexibility to create first-class motion pictures for advertising, instructionals, vlogs, and so on.


  • Cloud-based – Store files and collaborate in the cloud
  • Collaboration tools – Review, provide feedback and co-edit
  • Unlimited storage – No caps on cloud uploads
  • Chroma key editing – Swap out backgrounds with green screen effects
  • Stock media library – Music, videos, and images all available for use



3. Adobe Premiere Rush   

AI Video-Editing Software -  adobe premiere rush
AI Video-Editing Software

Adobe Premiere Rush is a simplified cell/web version of Premiere Pro software focused on speedy editing. Has important functions like trimming, resizing, transitions, and color correction to quickly edit polished movies on the cell for social media or sharing.


  • Mobile/desktop editing – Create on the go or refine more on desktop
  • Auto-sync across devices – Continue progress across mobile and desktop
  • Built-in animations – Enhance videos with motion graphic templates
  • Intuitive interface – User-friendly layouts on desktop and mobile
  • Streaming integration – Share straight to YouTube and social platforms


FreeAdobe Express

4. InVideo

InVideo emphasizes ease of use and versatility in online video enhancement. A wide range of customizable templates and inventory media results in the rapid production of expert-looking films. Intuitive drag-and-drop functions make it available but superior. Great for advertising and marketing, social, and shows.

AI Video Editing Software - invideo
AI Video Editing Software


  • Library of templates – Professionally designed starting points
  • Stock media & animations – Enhance videos with included visual content
  • Auto text-to-speech – Add voice overs automatically from text
  • Text-to-animation – Animate words and phrases
  • Easy to use – Quickly customize templates without learning curves  



5. Biteable  

Biteable is an easy online video maker for animated films, displays, and ads. Customizable templates, animations, and royalty-free tracks can make professional motion pictures in minutes. A simple, intuitive interface allows all talent stages to bring ideas to lifestyles and engage audiences.

AI Video Editing Software - biteable
AI Video Editing Software


  • Animated scene templates – Choose a starting template and customize
  • Logo animations – Upload logos and make them move
  • Auto transitions – Scenes flow smoothly from one to the next
  • Customizable text – Tweak fonts, colors etc on text boxes
  • Upbeat soundtrack options – Add engaging music with one click


$99/month$199/monthCustom Pricing

6. Magisto

Magisto uses AI to automate video creation by studying pictures, deciding on pleasant moments, and applying results, transitions, and music routinely. Streamlines are modified so users can focus on storytelling even as AI handles technical-enhancing tasks. Good for short expert movies.

AI Video Editing Software - magisto
AI Video Editing Software


  • AI editing assistant – Auto creates videos tailored to footage
  • Filters & effects – Enhance color, apply stylized looks
  • Collage creator tool – Combine clips and images aesthetically
  • Intuitive mobile interface – Easy editing and tweaks on the go
  • Shareable movies – Export polished videos for social media



7. Renderforest 

Renderforest has tools for video, animation, and brand layout. Customizable templates, stock media, and tunes help users make expert motion pictures for promotions, shows, and YouTube without experience. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes video modification and animation clean.

AI Video Editing Software - renderforest
AI Video Editing Software


  • Logo animations – Make logos engaging with motion and reveals
  • Kinetic typography – Animate text and captions stylishly
  • Multiple video formats – Export videos tailored for different platforms
  • Dynamic scene templates – Unique starting points to customize
  • Bold visuals – Vibrant graphics and illustrations to choose from



8. Animaker 

Animaker is a cloud animation platform with templates, characters, and animations to effortlessly create animated films. Intuitive drag-and-drop capability makes it available for beginners and professionals to make explainer, educational, and marketing animation videos.

AI Video Editing Software - animaker
AI Video Editing Software


  • Animation studio – Tools to make a range of animated content
  • Explainer video templates – Professionally designed starting points
  • Multi-language support – Global relevance with subtitles etc
  • Dynamic characters – Animated spokespeople and illustrated assets
  • Video renders – Output in desired format like MP4, AVI etc


$24/month$37/month$79/monthCustom Pricing

9. Clipomatic

The Clipomatic mobile app robotically generates video captions in real time using speech recognition. Allows importing or recording films for captioning. Customizable caption patterns and fonts make for visually appealing, handy subtitles. Good for social media, education, and hearing-impaired audiences.

AI Video Editing Software - clipomatic
AI Video Editing Software


  • Hundreds of templates – Tons of design variety to choose from
  • Stock media library – Downloadable media assets to enhance videos
  • Auto text-to-speech – Add voice overs automatically from text
  • A.I. assisted editing – Auto creation capabilities
  • Social media tailored – Templates for Instagram, Facebook etc



10. RawShorts

RawShorts specializes in customizable, lively explainer films. Templates, characters, and animations permit customers to make expert films without animation capabilities. Intuitive drag-and-drop makes it easy for everybody to provide an explanation for products or offers, gift statistics, and inform stories.

AI Video Editing Software - rawshorts
AI Video Editing Software


  • Mobile editing app – On-the-go filming and editing capabilities
  • Auto editing assistant – AI guides tweaks and enhancements
  • Licensed music library – Legally use popular songs
  • Adaptive text options – Easily customize text boxes
  • Cloud storage – Manage and access media assets


Free Trial$25/month$45/month

11. FlexClip

FlexClip online video editor emphasizes simplicity and convenience. Editing gear like trimming, splitting, and adding text or tone makes professional videos without the complexity of traditional software. Better for novices. Good for advertising, social, and non-public videos.

AI Video Editing Software - flexclip
AI Video Editing Software


  • Online editor – Make great videos directly in the browser
  • SVG animations – Dynamic animated shapes, charts and icons
  • Multi-language support – Global relevance with customizable subs
  • Auto text-to-speech – Quickly create voice overs from text
  • Modern templates – Professionally designed starting points



12. Promo  

Promo video platform with templates, pictures, and music for companies to make great advertising motion pictures quickly and cleanly. Useful for social commercials, product demos, and campaigns. Intuitive drag-and-drop makes it possible for all of us to make enticing, outcomes-driven films.

AI Video Editing Software - promo
AI Video Editing Software


  • Video ad templates – Starting points for social media and ads
  • Brand asset libraries – Logos, colors etc tailored to brands
  • Dynamic text and graphics – Easily customize visual elements
  • Intuitive editing – User-friendly interface for all skill levels
  • Commercial quality – Build polished, high-converting videos


  • Monthly Pricing: $19
  • Quarterly Pricing:  $42
  • Annual Pricing: $228


VEED.IO simplifies online video enhancement. Trimming, cropping, text, and filters allow polished videos without advanced abilities. The intuitive interface and actual-time collaboration features make it perfect for faraway teams developing advertising and marketing, social media, and private movies.

AI Video Editing Software - veed.io
AI Video Editing Software


  • Audio & color correction – Balance sound and optimize video visuals
  • Real-time previews – Watch edits take shape as you customize
  • Content trimming – Shorten clips and cut unwanted footage
  • Video stabilization – Steady shaky clips with one click
  • Creative editing tools – Features to enhance videos stylistically    



14. VideoPal

VideoPal creates lively avatars for websites and presentations with customizable alternatives. Intuitive drag-and-drop makes it easy for all people to feature enticing digital spokespeople on websites, tutorials, and advertising.

AI Video Editing Software - videopal
AI Video Editing Software


  • Customizable avatars – Computer-generated spokespeople
  • Text-to-speech voiceover – Convert text into realistic voice
  • Teleprompter tool – Display scripts for avatars dynamically
  • Avatar animation – Make spokespeople gesture and move
  • Video automation – Batch produces videos at scale


Free trial$47/month
  • Monthly Pricing: $20  
  • Quarterly Pricing: $47
  • Annual Pricing: $120   

15. ActionVFX 

ActionVFX affords first-rate VFX like explosions, hearts, and smoke for filmmakers and video creators. Enhances action shots, computer graphics, and composing work with cinema-grade elements. Great for indie movies, advertisements, and YouTube movies wanting practical consequences.

AI Video Editing Software - actionVFX
AI Video Editing Software


  • 4K VFX assets – High-res elements for seamless integration
  • Virtual studios – Backdrops tailored to productions
  • Video templates – Professionally designed starting points
  • Stock Footage – Quality lifestyle, nature clips and more
  • Cinematic assets – Build blockbuster looks and sci-fi scenes 



Features For Video Editing Apps

Here we cover some of the best AI features for video editing apps:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are being used in lots of industries these days, such as video editing apps.
  • AI can mimic human competencies, apprehend patterns, and act based totally on those styles. This makes AI treasured for software improvement groups.
  • Smartphones have exceptionally advanced, exquisite high-definition cameras. This permits almost every person to shoot video at any time.
  • AI-enabled video editing equipment can help make films appear particular and compelling.
  • Transitions and Effects tools can offer breakthroughs in editing to not only make videos visually stand out but also force viewers to understand and applaud the enhanced approach used.

AI video editing apps leverage AI’s pattern recognition abilities to assist editors in creatively beautifying films in ways that attract more superb attention on social media.

All Things Considered

AI-powered tool, imparting professionals the potential to craft engaging and polished movies. As we move forward, the development of AI technology guarantees even more artistic capabilities, from smart editing assistants to reasonable avatar introductions, in addition to streamlining the video editing method.

While this AI tool might not update the knowledge of expert editors totally, they have reached a degree in which they could give excellent motion picture effects. Whether you are developing content for social media or business presentations, there may be an amazing AI video editing tool available to suit your needs and budget, marking a massive shift in the way pictures are crafted and shared in the digital age.

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