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If you’re looking for better search engine optimization (SEO) results, publishing well-written articles on reliable sites with high domain authority (DA) can be a smart move. These websites frequently have lively communities, which raises the possibility that people will actually find your work.

For optimum effect, use trustworthy article submission sites with active communities and high domain authority.

Use these article submission services to start sharing your material right away and increase your internet presence. You should learn about how to increase your reach by doing a few easy steps that will pay off in the long run on article submission sites.

What are Article Submission Sites?

Article submission is a content marketing strategy in which you write articles about business and publish them through reliable article submission services.

Article submission websites provide as online forums for content producers to share their well-written, educational pieces with a larger audience. These platforms serve a wide spectrum of readers and might be either broad or niche-specific.

Contributing your articles to other publications can help you become recognized as a thought leader in your profession, reach a wider audience interested in your work, and increase the number of backlinks to your website—all of which can enhance your website’s search engine rating.

Article Submissions Sites

Benefits of Article Submissions Sites

Blog article submission sites offer several perks for users and businesses as they want to increase their presence and engagement in the online world. Here are some of the key benefits:

Increased Online Visibility: You can become more visible on the Internet as your pieces are published and indexed by search engines when you submit articles to these platforms. SERPs will benefit from this situation as they can be ranked higher, and more readers or consumers will get to know them.

Establishing Authority and Credibility: Putting up great articles that are accurate and resourceful on credible networks is an amazing way of setting up oneself or the brand as an authority in a specific niche. Readers are more likely to be convinced and involve themselves in materials which come from credible sources.

Generating Traffic to Your Website: Adding a backlink to your site at the end of the articles is one of the best ways to invite people to visit your website. When readers enjoy or find your essays helpful, they can click through to learn more about you and your products/services.

Building backlinks for SEO: When an author submits their article to an article submission site, they can usually include backlinks. Those backlinks help your site with SEO through the alerts sent to the search engines that your website is credible and worthy of listing at the top of the search results.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: Many article submission sites have a strong community of writers and readers. Interacting with these communities can result in network formation, joint projecting, and even alliances with other disciplines.

Exposure to a Targeted Audience: Some submission sites are run by experts in specially determined fields and industries. By selecting the appropriate channel for submitting articles, you get your information to the right audience interested in your topic or expertise.

Feedback and Engagement: Many article submission websites succeed in providing the readers with a forum to give their comments and reactions through a comment section for the already posted articles. These interactions will reveal the tastes and views of your target audience. It will allow you to polish your content strategy.

Free or Low-Cost Marketing: Most article submission websites offer free or economical means of printing articles. This leads to it being a highly affordable way of promoting themselves. It is mainly for individual entrepreneurs or small business owners with humble budgets.

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Different Types Of Article Submission Sites

You can choose from different types of article submission platforms that cover various spheres and goals. Here are some common types:

Niche-Specific Directories: The sources in question are narrow and serve specific industries or themes to attract a diverse audience.

Guest Blogging Platforms: Many blogs and websites allow their partners to submit guest posts. It is also a shared guest contribution from experts and writers in different fields. These platforms enable writers to submit their articles. They do so to get published on the site with a byline and author bio. 

Academic Journals and Publications: Academic article submission websites publish educational research and articles. The platforms have strict peer reviews. The main ones that focus on original research and articles are published there. 

Press Release Distribution Sites: These portals distribute press releases and articles in newspapers, broadcast media, and online publishing. They enable businesses and organizations to widen their scope and boost the exposure of their brand. 

Social Bookmarking Sites: Social bookmarking sites are not for submitting and sharing articles. Users can also submit and share blog posts, other web content, and other blog content. These websites are capable of driving traffic to the articles.

Document Sharing Platforms: Document-sharing sites allow users to upload and share different types of documents. These devices act as tools that elevate the degree of exposure given to articles and redirect visitors to the author’s website or blog. 


Tips for Using Article Submission Sites

Here are some tips for using article submission sites: 

Originality Matters:  Focus on crafting high-quality, informative articles that resonate with the target audience of the chosen platform

Niche Harmony: Tailor your content to the specific niche of the submission site. Research the platform’s existing content and identify any gaps you can fill.

Originality Matters: Focus on crafting high-quality, informative articles that resonate with the target audience of the chosen platform.

Strategic Submission:

  • Know Your Audience: Research the platform’s user base before submitting. Understand their interests and tailor your content accordingly.
  • Keyword Magic: Include relevant keywords naturally throughout your article and description to improve searchability within the platform.
  • Optimize Titles and Descriptions: Craft captivating headlines and descriptions that grab attention, accurately reflect your content, and highlight its value to readers.
  • Categorize Correctly: Choose the most relevant category for your article. This ensures your content reaches the right audience within the platform.

Beyond the Submission:

  • Internal Linking Power: Include internal links within your article that direct readers back to relevant content on your website.
  • Analytics Advantage: Utilize the platform’s analytics tools (if available) to track your article’s performance and understand reader engagement.
  • Community Connection: Engage with other content creators on the platform. Leave thoughtful comments, share valuable content, and build relationships.
  • Patience is a Virtue: The review process can take time. Don’t be discouraged by immediate rejections. Analyze the feedback and improve your submissions for future success.

How do I submit an article on article submission sites?

Submitting an article to article submission sites typically involves the following steps:

Choose the right platform: Research and select article submission sites matching your niche, audience, and content goals and objectives. Some considerations should be domain authority, audience engagement, and editorial rules.

Register or Create an Account: The next step includes opening an account with the site to submit articles if this is the first time you have had one. This includes filling in the registration fields with your name and email address and possibly adding up a username and password.

Verify Your Account: Some platforms may ask you to verify your email address or elaborate more verification procedures beyond the normal submission. Follow the instructions to finish the verification process.

Review Submission Guidelines: Make sure to review the rules for submitting offered by the platform before you send in your article. Make sure you follow the format, word count, and acceptable problematic topics, and provide links or images as per the requirements.

Prepare Your Article: Article preparation and submission can be done according to the writing tips. Ensure that your content is written well, is informative, and can be of value to the intended audience. Make sure to correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Incorporate visuals, such as images or infographics, to support the engagement.

Submit Your Article: When your article is ready, use the platform page directed for submission. Enter the required details and click submit. Moreover, complete the submission form, upload your article file, and add information.

Article Submissions Sites-submission
Article Submissions Sites

20 Best Article Submission Sites

Here are the list of the top 20 article submission sites:

S. No.Article Submission Sites With Instant ApprovalDAPADofollowInstant

Article Submissions Sites with Do Follow Links


Article submission sites with Instant Approval


Ending Note

To summarize this case, article submission sites pave the way for article authors to widen their horizons of opportunities. The top platforms are adaptable and meet the different expectations of their users. 

Through wise selection and exploitation of the sites, authors can reach a wider audience and become recognized authorities in their specialized areas. Therefore, have a go, discover the potential, and develop your site effectively by submitting through the best article sites.


1. Not all article sites are free!

Some popular and important sites might ask you to pay to submit your articles. This blog will include both free and paid options for you to consider.

2. Why use them?

Article submission sites can help you get noticed on search engines like Google. This happens because they can create links back to your website, which search engines like.

3. What are “instant” submission sites?

These sites let you publish your articles right away, without waiting for someone to approve them first.

4. Free options in India?

There are many free article submission sites in India! Here are a few examples: Google Sites, Quora, Github, Storify, Ezine Articles, Articlebiz, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and MyArticles.

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