10 Best AI Resume Builder

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Landing your dream work regularly hinges on a single document: your resume. But creating a compelling resume that stands out in an ocean of applicants can be time-consuming and challenging. Gratefully, AI-powered resume builders have risen as effective tools to streamline the method and create impactful resumes.

These innovative stages use artificial intelligence to analyses your skills, experience, and work descriptions, recommending relevant keywords research , upgrading designing, and even creating customized content. This directly explores the best AI resume builder , engaging you to create an informed decision and land at desired interview .

10 Best AI Resume Builder

Our group of career counsellor specialists tried the leading AI resume generator on the market. Let’s take a look at the best picks. 

1. ResumeBuild.ai

Best AI Resume Builder
Best AI Resume Builder

Creating a compelling resume can be time-consuming. Make Your Dream Job Resume in Minutes with ResumeBuild.ai

ResumeBuild.ai simplifies the method with professional formats, easy-to-follow prompts, and AI-powered proposals to highlight your Skills and abilities. Get started making a resume that lands you interviews quickly. 

Unleash the power of ResumeBuild.ai

1. 100% interesting & SEO-optimised content: Exhibit your abilities and experience with capable language that gets noticed by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and enrollment specialists.

2. Easy-to-use interface: No prior experience required. Basically fill in your data and select from a variety of proficient layouts.

3. Tailor your resume to any job: Keyword recommendations and pre-written content assist you to create a targeted resume for each job application. 


Monthly plan: This plan costs $29 per month and includes:

Unlimited use of all AI features

Unlimited AI credits

Unlimited downloads of your resume

Ability to create unlimited resumes

Lifetime plan: This plan costs a one-time fee of $129 and includes all the features of the monthly plan, except for the monthly resume reviews. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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2. Kickresume

Best AI Resume Builder
Best AI Resume Builder

Go beyond resume creation with Kickresume’s comprehensive feature set. Kickstart Your Job Search with Kickresume .

This stage enables you with AI-powered continue and cover letter writing, together with interview preparation tips and career counsel. Indeed a free plan with limited features is accessible, making it appropriate for budget-conscious people.

Unleash the power of Kickresume:

1. AI-powered writing partner: Produce compelling and significant content tailored to particular job descriptions.

2. Consistent mobile experience: Construct and edit your resume on the go, from anyplace, utilising your smartphone or tablet.

3. Proficient resume layouts: Select from a different choice of advanced and eye-catching plans to suit your industry and fashion.

4. 1,500+ job-specific examples: Learn from real-world resumes that helped others to land on their dream jobs as More than 1500 resumes are generated with kickresume AI .


Free Plan:

  • Limited access to features
  • Basic resume templates
  • No AI writing assistance
  • Limited customization options

Premium Plans:

  • Monthly Premium: $7 per month
  • Quarterly Premium: $13 per quarter (billed every 3 months)
  • Yearly Premium: $7 per month (billed annually at $84)

Premium features include:

  • Access to all resume templates (40+)
  • Matching cover letter templates (40+)
  • Personal website templates (7)
  • Full customization options
  • AI Resume Checker
  • Priority email and chat support
  • Kickresume mobile app
  • AI Resume & Cover Letter Writer (for suggested content)

3. Resumaker.ai

Best AI Resume Builder
Best AI Resume Builder

Time-pressed? Resumaker.ai comes to the rescue.

Easily construct a compelling Resume that snatches opportunity and lands you on desired job with Resumaker.ai’s natural stage and AI-powered assistance.

Its AI-powered engine quickly produces proficient resumes in minutes. Furthermore, a free plan with restricted features permits you to explore before committing.

Unleash the power of Resumaker.ai:

1. Make a idealise resume: Get coordinated with the perfect resume format based on your industry and experience.

2. AI-powered content recommendations: Use AI to get personalised proposals for fitting your resume to particular work descriptions.

3. Keyword optimization: Construct a resume that resounds with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for increased visibility.

4. Time-saving efficiency: Streamline the resume creation process and centre on what matters most – your job search saves your Time .

5. Versatile to industry patterns: Stay ahead of the curve with a resume that reflects the most recent industry requirement. 


  • Standard: This plan costs $0.99 for 7-day full access. During this period, you can:
    • Create and edit your resume
    • Download your resume in various formats
    • Access designer-made templates This plan doesn’t include access to premium features like expert tips, cover letter creation, or online spell check.
  • Professional: This plan costs $23.75 for 3 months. It includes all features of the Standard plan, plus:
    • Access to premium templates
    • Online spell checker
    • Career expert tips
  • Expert: This plan costs $45.75 for 6 months. It includes all features of the Professional plan, plus:
  • Unlimited resume downloads
  • Unlimited cover letter downloads
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

4. Resume Genius

Best AI Resume Builder
Best AI Resume Builder

Look for straightforwardness and productivity? See no assist than Resume Genius. Craft Winning Job Applications with Resume Genius.

This user-friendly stage offers a direct approach to creating a resume that highlights your most important skills and experiences. Engage your job search with Resume Genius, the comprehensive stage offering everything you wish to form impactful resumes and cover letters that arrive at interviews

Unleash the power of Resume Genius:

1. Extensive resource library: Access an endless collection of free downloadable resume and cover letter layouts, writing guides, and master career counsellor.

2. AI-powered resume builder: Create a proficient resume with ease, leveraging the builder’s pre-written content and keyword proposals.

3. Expert-crafted layouts: Select from a different extent of professionally planned layouts, guaranteeing your resume stands out from the crowd.

4. Cover letter generator: Make compelling cover letters that successfully showcase your capabilities and tailor your application to each job.

5. Career advancement resources: Explore valuable assets and guides to assist you explore each step of your job search journey. 



  • You can create and edit one resume at a time.
  • Download your resume in text format only.
  • Access to free templates, cover letter templates, resume examples, and cover letter examples.

Paid Subscription:

  • 14-day trial period for $2.95.
  • After the trial, the subscription is $7.95 per month (billed annually at $95.40).
  • This unlocks all features, including:
  • Create and edit unlimited resumes and cover letters.
  • Download your resumes in text, Word, and PDF formats.
  • Search for jobs directly from your account (this feature might be limited or unavailable in some regions).

5. Rezi’s AI

Best AI Resume Builder
Best AI Resume Builder

Concerned about the Applicant Tracking Systems( ATS)  filtering your resume? Rezi’s AI Writer Tool is your champion. Get matched with your dream work quicker with Rezi’s AI-powered resume builder that makes a difference in crafting a compelling and ATS-friendly resume in minutes.

This platform is particularly planned to optimise your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems(ATS), expanding your chances of getting noticed by potential managers.

Unleash the power of Rezi’s AI:

1. Create a special and SEO-optimised resume: Exhibit your abilities and experience with effective language that gets taken note by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and recruiters.

2. Easily construct & manage numerous resumes: Effortlessly make and switch between diverse resume forms custom fitted to particular job applications.

3. Advantage from real-time criticism: Get instant recommendations and direction on improving your resume content and structure.

Target the correct keywords:

Guarantee your resume adjusts with the requirements of each work opening by incorporating relevant keywords.

4. Save valuable time and effort: Streamline the resume creation process and focus your energy that saves your time and efforts on landing that dream job. 


Free Plan:

  • Always available.
  • Features:
    • Create a basic resume with limited templates.
    • Use the AI Cover Letter Generator for basic cover letters.
    • Limited access to AI writing features.

Pro Plan (Paid Subscription):

  • Two options:
    • Monthly: $29 per month.
    • Lifetime: $129 one-time fee.
  • Features (common to both monthly and lifetime options):
    • Unlimited access to all features, including advanced templates, AI writing assistance, and resume optimization tools.
    • Unlimited AI credits for generating content.
    • Priority chat and email support.

6. Enhancv AI

Best AI Resume Builder
Best AI Resume Builder

Make Resume with Enhancv. Enhancv raises resume writing to an individual level.

Tell your professional story with confidence utilising Enhancv’s user-friendly online stage and exhibit your special qualities to potential employers.

This personalised touch is perfect for people looking for master guidance and a special resume tailored to their specific needs.

Unleash the power of Enhancv AI

1. Make modern, eye-catching resumes: Select from a variety of professionally designed templates that leave an enduring impression.

2. Highlight your achievements and identity: Go beyond just listing obligations and exhibit your affect and esteem with personalised descriptions.

3. Benefit from step-by-step guidance: The instinctive builder walks you through each step, making resume creation basic and efficient.

4. Optimise for Candidate Following Frameworks : Enhance your chances of getting noticed by hiring directors with ATS-friendly resume formatting and keyword suggestions.

5. Stand out from the crowd: Showcase your unique identity and soft skills with optional sections like “Around Me” and “Portfolio Links.” 


Free Plan:

  • This plan allows you to:
    • Build a basic resume using their builder.
    • Access a limited selection of resume templates.
    • Utilise basic features of their AI writing assistant.

Paid Plans:

  • Enhancv offers two different paid subscriptions:
  • Monthly: Costs $10 per month and includes:
    • Unlimited access to all features, including advanced templates, advanced AI writing assistance, and resume scoring.
    • Unlimited downloads of your resume in various formats.
    • Priority email support.
  • Lifetime: Costs a one-time fee of $79 and includes all features of the monthly plan, with lifetime access.

7. Resume.io

Best AI Resume Builder
Best AI Resume Builder

Effortlessly Build Winning Resumes with Resume.io . Craft a professional and attention-grabbing resume in minutes using Resume.io’s intuitive online builder and comprehensive resources . Grasp both free and premium choices with Resume.io. This well known stage offers a free plan with constrained features, alongside a premium plan unlocking progressed functionalities like cover letter writing and interview tips. Investigate the free plan to induce a taste of its functionalities before updating.

Unleash the power of Resume.io:

1. Effortless resume creation: Build a professional resume with ease, even without design experience, using the user-friendly online builder.

2. Stand out from the crowd: Choose from a diverse selection of modern and eye-catching resume templates that showcase your unique style.

3. Boost your visibility: Optimise your resume for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with built-in keyword suggestions and formatting features.

4. Save valuable time: Leverage pre-written content suggestions and a built-in grammar checker to streamline the resume creation process.

5. Tailor your application: Easily customise your resume for each job application, ensuring it effectively highlights your relevant skills and experience.

Pricing Plans :

  • Free Plan: This is completely free to use. However, you can only create one resume and one cover letter. You can’t download them in PDF format, but only in basic TXT format. Sharing and analytics are also limited.

  • Trial Plan: This is a 7-day trial priced at $2.95. It gives you access to unlimited resumes and cover letters with all premium templates and colors. You can also download them in PDF format as many times as you want during the trial period. However, it automatically renews to a paid plan after the 7 days unless you cancel beforehand.
  • Premium Plans: We have two premium plans with the same features: unlimited resumes and cover letters, all premium templates and colors, and unlimited PDF downloads. The only difference is the billing period and price:
    • 6 Months: This is a one-time payment of $44.95.
    • 12 Months: This is a one-time payment of $74.95.

8. Zety AI

Best AI Resume Builder
Best AI Resume Builder

Fuel your job search with Zety AI’s capable suite of instruments, offering an AI-powered resume builder, personalised career advice, and expert insights to assist you arrive at your dream job.

Zety AI Resume creator combines user-friendliness with valuable bits of knowledge. This stage offers a straightforward interface and prepares you with supportive tips to make a compelling resume.

Unleash the power of Zety AI 

1. Craft a compelling resume: Generate a data-driven resume that highlights your skills and experience, optimised for ATS for increased visibility.

2. Leverage AI-powered insights: Gain personalised recommendations on improving your resume content, organising, and keyword optimization based on your industry and career objectives.

3. Access expert career advice: Advantage from Zety’s extensive library of assets, including interview tips, cover letter formats, and career guides composed by industry professionals.

4. Construct your proficient brand: Learn from Zety’s master direction on creating a solid online presence and successfully exhibiting your skills to potential employers.

5. Stay ahead of the curve: Get insights into the most recent industry patterns and career advice to guarantee your resume and job search technique remain competitive. 


  • Free: You can build and edit your resume online for free. This includes access to templates, writing tips, and basic formatting tools.
  • Paid: To download your resume in PDF or .docx format, you need to pay a one-time fee. This grants you two weeks of access to download and print your resume as many times as you want during those two weeks. Pricing might vary depending on the specific plan or any ongoing promotions.

9. Skillroads AI

Best AI Resume Builder
Best AI Resume Builder

Looking for a free AI-powered Resume builder? Skillroads AI Resume Generator fits the bill. Unlock the power of AI-powered career tools with Skillroads to form a standout resume, make compelling cover letters, and land your dream job.

This stage offers fundamental functionalities without any cost, permitting you to explore with AI resume creation before committing to a paid benefit.

Unleash the power of Skillroads AI :

1. AI-powered resume builder: Create a proficient and ATS-friendly resume that highlights your skills and experience, catching the attention of recruiters.

2. Smart resume audit: Get instant feedback and recommendations on progressing your resume content, designing, and keyword optimization.

3. AI-generated cover letters: Create personalised cover letters tailored to specific job descriptions, displaying your capabilities and increasing your application’s impact.

4. Interview planning tools: Gain access to assets and simulations to assist you confidently explore the interview, prepare and pro your next job interview.

5. Career coaching guidance: Benefit from expert advice and assets to help you in defining your career objectives and exploring the job search journey. 

Pricing Plans :


  • You can create and download one resume using the AI tool in PDF or .doc format.
  • This allows you to test the functionality and see how the AI suggestions work.


  • $9.99 one-time payment: This unlocks unlimited resume creation and download.
  • It’s unclear from their website whether this one-time payment includes unlimited use of the AI tool or just the ability to create and download resumes in general.

10. Jasper AI

Best AI Resume Builder
Best AI Resume Builder

Jasper Resume Generator may be new to the scene, but it has as of now earned a reputation for its user-friendly interface and capable AI highlights. Investigate its expertise and see if this innovative stage adjusts together with your needs.

With its attractive interface and capable features, Jasper empowers people to make professional resumes tailored to their special skills and experiences.

Unleash the power of Jasper AI :

1. Customizable Layouts: Select from a wide extent of professionally outlined layouts, effortlessly customizable to suit your preferences and industry benchmarks.

2. AI-Powered Suggestions: Jasper utilizes artificial intelligence to supply personalised suggestions for optimising your resume, guaranteeing it stands out to potential employers.

3. Keyword Optimization: Ensure your resume gets noticed by optimising it for relevant keywords and phrases, increasing your chances of landing interviews.

4. Expert Advice: Access expert tips and guidance throughout the resume creation process, helping you make a cleaned and amazing resume.

5. Easy Sharing: Share your resume easily with potential employers or download it in various formats, making the work application process consistent and effective. 


  • Creator Plan: This starts at $39 per month if billed annually, or $49 per month if billed monthly. It includes powerful AI features to create and improve your content across various platforms.
  • Pro Plan: This starts at $59 per month if billed annually, or $69 per month if billed monthly. It offers all the features of the Creator plan, plus long-form content generation, SEO optimization, and plagiarism checks.
  • Business Plan: This requires contacting their sales team for custom pricing. It caters to larger teams and businesses, offering features like priority support, team management tools, and custom integrations.

How we ranked the Best AI Resume Builder ?

We positioned the best AI Resume generators employing a comprehensive assessment process that considered these five key components:

1. Feature Set:

We surveyed the breadth and profundity of features offered, including:

  • AI capabilities: How progressed are the AI functionalities like personalization, fitting suggestions, and keyword optimization?
  • Format library: Does it offer a differing selection of proficient and industry-specific formats?
  • Additional resources: Does it go beyond resume creation by giving career advice, interview tips, and personalised feedback?

2. User Experience: 

We assessed the ease of utilise and by and large user experience, including:

  • Interface: How natural and user-friendly is the platform’s interface for exploring and utilising different features?
  • Customization: Does it offer adequate opportunities for personalising the resume with designing, styling, and substance choices?
  • Integrations: Does it coordinate with other job search platforms or career management tools for a consistent experience?

3. Results and User Satisfaction:

We considered prove of positive results and user satisfaction, including:

  • User feedback: Are there high user ratings, positive audits, and tributes highlighting the builder’s viability?
  • Success stories: Does the builder exhibit stories of users who landed employment after utilising it, illustrating its real-world success stories ?
  • Master assessments: Did industry specialists and analysts specialising in career development recognize and praise the builder’s adequacy?

4. Pricing and Value:

We compared the fetched and esteem recommendation against other choices:

  • Pricing competitiveness: Is the pricing model competitive compared to other AI resume creators or proficient resume writing services?
  • Risk-free alternatives: Does it offer a free trial or money-back guarantee to permit users to evaluate the value before commitment?
  • Overall value: Does the combination of features, user involvement, and results offer the finest value for the investment?

5. Transparency and Reliability:

We surveyed the transparency of the assessment process and the reliability of the builder:

  • Clear methodology: Did the assessment criteria and reasoning behind the ranking choices stay transparent?
  • Information sources: Were valid sources utilized to assemble user feedback, success stories, and master evaluations?
  • Moral considerations: Were ethical considerations like information privacy and user security taken into consideration amid the assessment handle?

By completely assessing these five key variables, we aimed to recognize the AI based Resume Builder that offered the foremost comprehensive and important solution for work searchers in their journey towards landing their dream work. 

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In today’s competitive job market, making a resume that cuts through the noise is fundamental. AI resume generators offer a progressive solution, enabling you to form a compelling and ATS-friendly report that stands out. Imagine sparing time with pre-built layouts, creating an effective story with AI-powered proposals, and fitting your resume for each opportunity.

By leveraging the intelligent features of these builders, you’ll showcase your special value proposition and increase your chances of landing your dream work. Keep in mind, Best AI Resume Builder could be an important co-pilot, not a replacement for your human touch. Edit, personalise, and tailor your resume for each application to open the genuine potential of AI and land your dream work nowadays! 


1. What distinguishes AI resume creators from manual resume builders?

Artificial intelligence algorithms are used by AI based resume to evaluate and improve resumes in accordance with industry norms and trends. They frequently include options like customized content recommendations, formatting ideas, and keyword optimization. Conversely, conventional resume builders usually depend on pre-made templates and lack AI’s sophisticated analysis and personalization features.

2. Can an AI based resume actually boost my resume?

Indeed, using an AI resume creator can greatly improve your resume. They are able to point up problems with formatting, grammar, or missing information, among other things. Additionally, AI systems are able to evaluate job descriptions to customise your resume for particular roles, improving the likelihood that employers and applicant tracking systems (ATS) will notice your resume.

3. Are AI resume producers appropriate for every industry and degree of employment?

The majority of industries and professional levels benefit from AI resume generators, although their usefulness varies based on the demands of the particular employment market. The application of resumes generated by AI may be limited in certain industries or occupations that place a higher priority on creativity and personalization than others. However, AI resume generators can be quite helpful in industries like tech or finance where ATS compatibility and keyword optimization are essential.

4. Does using AI-generated resumes mean compromising personalization?

AI resume crafters offer a high level of customization even though they automate many resume-creation processes. Users can make resumes that are uniquely tailored to them by including their preferences, special talents, and life experiences. The majority of AI platforms also provide editing capabilities so that users may further customize their resumes to fit their preferences and needs.

5. Which key features distinguish the best AI resume builders ?

A variety of options are available in the best AI resume builders to optimize efficiency and speed up the resume creation process. Seek for systems that offer real-time resume quality feedback, ATS compatibility, customized templates, and strong AI algorithms for content optimization. Easy exporting options and integration with professional networking sites like LinkedIn are additional desired elements to take into account.

84 / 100

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