15 Best Email Service Providers (Free & Private)

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Email has become an essential tool for communication, both personally and professionally. However, with rising concerns over privacy and data security, choosing the right email service provider is more important than ever. 

In this article, we will discuss the best email service providers (free & private) that are focusing on their privacy features, usability and unique offerings to help you make an informed decision.

15 Best Email Service Providers (Free & Private) You Need to Know

1. ProtonMail: The Fort Knox of Email Privacy

Best Email Service Providers: ProtonMail
Best Email Service Providers

ProtonMail stands out for its commitment to privacy, offering end-to-end encryption that ensures only you and your recipient can read your messages. Based in Switzerland, it benefits from some of the world’s strictest privacy laws.

Usability: With a modern interface and easy setup, ProtonMail balances security with convenience. The free plan includes 500 MB of storage and supports 150 messages per day, which is suitable for regular personal use.


Proton FreeMail PlusProton Unlimited
€0/Month €4.99/Month€12.99/Month

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2. Tutanota

Best Email Service Providers: Tutanota
Best Email Service Providers

Tutanota encrypts the entire mailbox, including emails and contacts, ensuring total security. It’s an open-source platform, which means its code is publicly available for scrutiny and improvement.

Usability: Tutanota offers a clean interface and apps for all major platforms, making secure email accessible to everyone. The free account comes with 1 GB of storage and full end-to-end encryption of emails.



3. Zoho Mail

Best Email Service Providers: Zoho Mail
Best Email Service Providers

Zoho Mail provides ad-free services focusing on privacy and security, with options for end-to-end encryption and S/MIME. It’s designed for businesses but offers great value for personal use as well.

Usability: With an integrated suite of applications, including a calendar and task manager, Zoho makes managing your digital life a breeze. The free plan offers 5 GB of storage and supports email hosting for a single domain.


Mail LiteMail PremiumWorkplace
₹58.34/User /Month billed annually₹199/User /Month billed annually₹99/User /Month billed annually

4. Mailfence

Best Email Service Providers: Mailfence
Best Email Service Providers

Mailfence stands out with its emphasis on digital signatures and encryption, offering OpenPGP based end-to-end encryption. It’s based in Belgium, which has strong privacy laws.

Usability: Besides secure email, Mailfence offers a complete suite including calendars, contacts and document storage. The free plan comes with 500 MB of email storage and 500 MB for documents.



5. Posteo

Best Email Service Providers: Posteo
Best Email Service Providers

Posteo is a green, secure email service that offers full anonymity, encryption and no tracking. It’s a paid service but included here for its strong stance on privacy and sustainability.

Usability: With migration support, encrypted calendars and address books, Posteo is user-friendly and supports IMAP/SMTP for easy setup on email clients.


Your email account comes with 2 GB storage. This can be increased up to a maximum of 20 GB. Each additional gigabyte costs 0.25 EUR/month. You can have an unlimited number of subfolders.

6. StartMail

Best Email Service Providers: StartMail
Best Email Service Providers

From the creators of StartPage, StartMail offers easy-to-use encryption, allowing you to send encrypted emails to anyone. It also offers disposable email addresses for added privacy.

Usability: With 10 GB of storage in its free trial, StartMail is generous for those looking to test the waters of private email services.


PersonalCustom Domain

7. FastMail

Best Email Service Providers: FastMail
Best Email Service Providers

While not free, FastMail deserves mention for its robust privacy policies and minimal data collection. It offers excellent security features, including two-step verification and secure access.

Usability: FastMail boasts a fast, intuitive interface and powerful organisational tools, making it a great option for those willing to pay for premium service.



8. Hushmail

Best Email Service Providers: Hushmail
Best Email Service Providers

Hushmail has been offering encrypted email services long before it became mainstream. It provides encrypted emails and forms, making it ideal for professionals like therapists and lawyers.

Usability: With built-in templates for various professions and a straightforward interface, Hushmail simplifies secure communication.


Hushmail for HealthcareHushmail for Small BusinessHushmail for LawHushmail for Personal UseCustom Solutions
$11.99/Month$10.79/Month$10.79/Month$49.98/YearCustom Plans

9. CTemplar

Best Email Service Providers: CTemplar
Best Email Service Providers

CTemplar offers unmatched security with end-to-end encryption, zero-access guarantee and protection against man-in-the-middle attacks. It’s based in Iceland, known for its strong privacy laws.

Usability: CTemplar allows anonymous sign-up and offers a clean, modern interface. The free plan includes 1 GB of storage.



10. Kolab Now

Best Email Service Providers: Kolab Now
Best Email Service Providers

Based in Switzerland, Kolab Now provides a secure, collaborative platform for email, contacts and calendar. It emphasises user privacy and data protection.

Usability: Aimed at professionals and businesses, Kolab Now offers a suite of productivity tools alongside its email service. It’s a paid service but included for its focus on privacy and ethical business practices.


Just EmailFull Kolab
CHF 5.00/MonthCHF 9.90/Month

11. CounterMail

Best Email Service Providers: CounterMail
Best Email Service Providers

CounterMail uses diskless web servers to protect user data and supports RSA and AES encryption. It’s one of the few services that offer a USB key option for an additional layer of security during authentication.

Usability: CounterMail’s interface is straightforward, focusing on security over modern design aesthetics. The service includes IMAP support for users who prefer to manage their emails using third-party clients.


Payment Type6 Month12 Month12*2 Month
Storage Space4000 MB4000 MB4000 MB

12. Soverin

Best Email Service Providers: Soverin
Best Email Service Providers

Soverin is an email service that respects user privacy by not selling data or showing ads. It encrypts data in transit and at rest, offering a secure alternative to more mainstream providers.

Usability: With a clean and user-friendly interface, Soverin balances privacy with ease of use. It provides 25 GB of storage for emails and supports custom domains, making it suitable for personal and small business use.


€ 3.25/Month

13. Mailbox.org

Best Email Service Providers: Mailbox.org
Best Email Service Providers

Based in Germany, Mailbox.org offers PGP encryption and a comprehensive suite of office tools. It emphasises data protection and sustainability, using green energy for its servers.

Usability: Mailbox.org allows users to manage emails, contacts, calendars and documents in one place. The service is highly customisable, offering different security levels based on user preference.



14. Runbox

Best Email Service Providers: Runbox
Best Email Service Providers

Runbox is a Norwegian email service providing strong privacy protections, including adherence to Norway’s strict privacy regulations. It offers end-to-end encryption and does not log personal data.

Usability: Runbox has a somewhat dated interface but compensates with robust functionality and support for various email protocols, making it flexible for users who prefer to use email clients.



15. Disroot

Best Email Service Providers: Disroot
Best Email Service Providers

Disroot is a platform offering a variety of services, including email, cloud storage and online document editing, all with a focus on privacy and security. It’s a non-profit, community-driven project that doesn’t track users or display ads.

Usability: While not as polished as some commercial offerings, Disroot provides a functional interface and the unique appeal of being part of a community project. It’s ideal for those who prioritise ethical considerations alongside privacy.


Disroot is completely free to use up to 1 GB in the mailbox. It is possible to fill out a request for extra storage up to 10 GB for 0.15 euro per GB per month.

Choosing the Right Provider

Choosing the right email provider is important in an era where digital privacy and security are paramount. The decision should be based on a balance of privacy features, usability, storage needs and jurisdictional considerations. 

Prioritise providers that offer end-to-end encryption to ensure that only you and your intended recipients can read your messages. Look for services with a no-logs policy, where the provider doesn’t track or store information about your email activities.

Usability is another critical factor. A user-friendly interface and seamless integration with other tools can enhance your productivity and ensure that advanced security measures don’t come at the expense of convenience. Consider the storage offered by the provider to ensure it meets your needs, especially if you handle large volumes of email or attachments.

Jurisdiction matters because the laws governing data protection vary significantly from one country to another. Providers based in countries with strong privacy laws offer an additional layer of security against unwarranted data access by third parties.

Finally, consider any additional features that might be important to you, such as calendar integration, contact management or the ability to use custom domains. The best email service for you is one that aligns with your privacy expectations, meets your storage requirements and fits seamlessly into your digital life.


Whether you prioritise maximum security, user-friendliness or other specific features, there are best email service providers provider on this list that will meet your needs. Remember, the best email service for you is the one that aligns with your privacy expectations and helps you manage your digital life efficiently and securely.


What makes an email service provider “private”?

A private email service provider prioritises user data protection, offers end-to-end encryption, doesn’t track or store your email activity and operates under strong privacy laws.

Can I use private email services on my smartphone?

Yes, most private email services offer mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing secure email access and management on smartphones.

Are private email services really free?

Many private email providers offer a basic free plan with options to upgrade for more features, but some might limit storage or functionalities in their free versions.

How does end-to-end encryption protect my emails?

End-to-end encryption ensures only the sender and recipient can read the email content, making it unreadable to anyone else, including the service provider.

Can I switch to a private email provider and still keep my old email address?

While you can’t keep your exact old email address, many private providers offer email forwarding or import tools to ease the transition.

Do private email providers offer spam and virus protection?

Yes, most reputable private email services include built-in spam filtering and virus protection to keep your inbox safe and clean.

Is it worth paying for a private email account?

If you require more storage, additional features or higher security levels than what the free plans offer, investing in a paid account can be worthwhile for enhanced privacy and functionality.

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