List of Companies Owned by Volkswagen

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Volkswagen is one of the giant manufacturers of automobile with not just being type casted with the beetle. They’re like a group of cool cousins, each with their own unique style and personality.

Today, the Volkswagen Group includes numerous car brands, all the more, each one possesses its own character and niche of consumers. VW Group controls 10 incredible car brands in five different European nations!

You’ve got Audi, known for its luxury and fancy features, Bugatti for super speed lovers, and Bentley for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Then there’s Lamborghini, the flashy one, and ŠKODA, the reliable buddy. With so many options, there’s something for everyone in Volkswagen’s lineup. Volkswagen Group offers a diverse range of vehicles to suit every taste and budget.

So, buckle up, step into the world of Companies Owned by Volkswagen! and get ready for a ride through a world of automotive awesomeness!

Volkswagen Overview

Volkswagen is a huge car company that makes lots of different cars for all kinds of people. You might know them best for the Beetle, that cute little car with a round shape.

They’re part of a big group called Volkswagen AG, which is one of the biggest car companies in the world. Volkswagen cars are famous for being reliable, cool, and well-made.

They make cars for everyday use, fancy ones for luxury, and really fast ones for thrill-seekers. Volkswagen is also focused on making cars that are good for the environment and using the latest technology to make driving better for everyone.

So, no matter who you are, Volkswagen probably has a car that’s perfect for you!

What Does Volkswagen Own?

1. Volkswagen AG: The big company that owns Volkswagen and other brands.

2. Volkswagen Group of America (VWGoA): The part of Volkswagen that deals with everything in the United States, like selling cars, providing services, and managing dealerships.

3. Volkswagen Dealers: The stores where you can buy Volkswagen cars across the U.S.

4. Herndon, Virginia: Where VWGoA’s main office is located in the U.S., making decisions and coordinating everything related to Volkswagen in America.

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Where Volkswagen Cars are Built?

– Volkswagen makes cars all over the world, not just in one place.

– They have over 100 factories in different countries across five continents.

– The biggest factory is in Wolfsburg, Germany, where the company started.

– In the U.S., Volkswagen has a factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

– This factory employs about 2,000 people and makes around 150,000 cars every year.

List of Companies Owned by Volkswagen

1. SEAT:

Companies Owned by Volkswagen - SEAT
Companies Owned by Volkswagen

SEAT is a Spanish automobile manufacturer known for producing stylish and affordable cars. They’re like the cool kid on the block with a knack for blending sportiness and practicality. SEAT cars often have a youthful vibe and are popular among urban drivers.

History –

   – SEAT, which stands for Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo, was founded in 1950 in Spain.

   – Originally a state-owned company, SEAT became a part of the Volkswagen Group in 1986.

   – It quickly grew to become one of the largest car manufacturers in Spain, known for its stylish and affordable cars.

Features –

   – Sporty design with dynamic lines and distinctive LED headlights.

   – Advanced driver assistance systems like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assist.

   – Innovative infotainment system with touchscreen display and smartphone integration.

   – Efficient engines with options for petrol, diesel, or hybrid powertrains.

   – Spacious interior with comfortable seating and ample cargo space.

Future Objective –

SEAT aims to continue its growth trajectory by expanding its presence in key markets, particularly in Europe and emerging economies.

They may focus on electric and hybrid vehicle development to align with global sustainability goals.

2. Audi:

Companies Owned by Volkswagen - Audi
Companies Owned by Volkswagen

Audi is all about luxury and innovation. Think sleek designs, cutting-edge technology, and top-notch performance.

They’re like the tech-savvy cousin in the Volkswagen family, known for their attention to detail and premium driving experience.

History –

   – Audi has its roots in Germany, tracing back to 1885 when August Horch founded his first car company.

   – In 1932, Audi merged with three other companies to form Auto Union, which later adopted the Audi name.

   – Audi’s reputation for luxury and innovation grew over the years, leading to its acquisition by Volkswagen Group in 1966.

Features –

   – Elegant and aerodynamic exterior design with signature Audi LED headlights.

   – Luxurious interior with premium materials and advanced technology features.

   – Audi Virtual Cockpit digital instrument cluster for customizable information display.

   – Quattro all-wheel drive system for enhanced traction and handling.

   – Advanced safety features including adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking.

Future Objective –

Audi is likely to prioritize innovation and sustainability, with a focus on electric and autonomous driving technologies. They may also aim to strengthen their position in the luxury car market by offering cutting-edge designs and features.


Companies Owned by Volkswagen - SKODA
Companies Owned by Volkswagen

ŠKODA is Volkswagen’s brand for practical and reliable cars. They offer value for money without compromising quality.

ŠKODA cars are like the dependable friend who’s always there when you need them, with a focus on spacious interiors and smart features.

History –

   – ŠKODA Auto, originally founded in 1895 in Czechoslovakia, is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world.

   – It began as a bicycle manufacturer before moving into car production in the early 1900s.

   – After several changes in ownership, ŠKODA became a part of the Volkswagen Group in 1991, leading to a resurgence in its popularity and success.

Features –

   – Sleek and modern design with sharp lines and crystalline headlights.

   – Spacious and practical interior with generous legroom and innovative storage solutions.

   – SmartLink+ connectivity for seamless smartphone integration and in-car entertainment.

   – Efficient TSI and TDI engines with options for mild-hybrid technology.

   – Simply Clever features like umbrella storage, ice scraper in the fuel filler cap, and removable LED flashlight.

Future Objective –

ŠKODA’s future objectives may include further strengthening its brand image and expanding its global market share. They may invest in research and development to introduce new models with advanced technology and enhanced design.

4. Bugatti:

Companies Owned by Volkswagen - Bugatti
Companies Owned by Volkswagen

Bugatti is the epitome of automotive extravagance. They’re known for creating some of the fastest, most luxurious, and most expensive cars in the world. Bugatti cars are like pieces of art on wheels, combining unparalleled performance with exquisite craftsmanship.

History –

   – Bugatti was established in 1909 by Italian-born French automobile designer Ettore Bugatti in Molsheim, Alsace.

   – The company gained fame for its luxurious and high-performance cars, including the iconic Type 35 race car.

   – Despite periods of financial difficulty, Bugatti’s legacy endured, and it was revived in the late 20th century, now as a part of the Volkswagen Group.

Features –

   – Iconic design with distinctive C-shaped lines and Bugatti’s signature horseshoe grille.

   – Quad-turbocharged W16 engine producing over 1,500 horsepower for mind-blowing performance.

   – Luxurious and bespoke interior with premium materials and personalized customization options.

   – Advanced aerodynamics and active chassis control for exceptional handling and stability.

   – Limited production and exclusivity, with each car meticulously crafted to perfection.

Future Objective –

Bugatti’s future objectives may revolve around maintaining its position as a leading manufacturer of luxury supercars while embracing sustainability and technological advancements.

5. Bentley:

Companies Owned by Volkswagen - Bentley
Companies Owned by Volkswagen

Bentley exudes elegance and sophistication. They’re the embodiment of British luxury, catering to those who seek the finest things in life. Bentley cars are like luxurious mansions on wheels, offering opulent interiors and powerful engines for a truly indulgent driving experience.

History –

   – Bentley Motors was founded in England in 1919 by W.O. Bentley.

   – Initially known for its racing successes, Bentley became synonymous with luxury and performance.

   – In 1998, Bentley was acquired by Volkswagen Group, which invested heavily in modernizing the brand while preserving its heritage.

Features –

   – Handcrafted luxury with exquisite materials and meticulous attention to detail.

   – Powerful yet refined performance with a twin-turbocharged W12 engine or V8 option.

   – Cutting-edge technology including a rotating display for infotainment and instrument cluster.

   – All-wheel drive system for optimal traction and stability in all conditions.

   – Customization options to tailor every aspect of the car to the owner’s preferences.

Future Objective –

Bentley may focus on expanding its electric vehicle lineup and enhancing its reputation for luxury and craftsmanship. They may also explore new markets and segments to diversify their product offerings.

6. Lamborghini:

Companies Owned by Volkswagen - Lamborghini
Companies Owned by Volkswagen

Lamborghini is synonymous with supercars that push the boundaries of speed and style. They’re the rebels of the automotive world, known for their bold designs and adrenaline-pumping performance. Lamborghini cars are like roaring beasts on the road, designed to thrill and captivate.

History –

   – Lamborghini was founded in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy.

   – The company gained fame for its exotic and high-performance sports cars, challenging established brands like Ferrari.

   – Lamborghini has changed ownership several times but remains a symbol of Italian craftsmanship and automotive excellence.

Features –

   – Striking design with sharp angles and aggressive styling cues.

   – High-revving naturally aspirated V10 engine for thrilling performance and exhilarating sound.

   – Lightweight construction and advanced aerodynamics for exceptional handling and agility.

   – Lamborghini Dynamic Steering and Lamborghini All-Wheel Drive for precise control and traction.

   – Driver-focused interior with cutting-edge technology and luxurious finishes.

Future Objective –

Lamborghini’s future objectives may include further expanding its product portfolio to include hybrid and electric vehicles while maintaining its reputation for high-performance and exclusive supercars.

7. Ducati:

Companies Owned by Volkswagen - Ducati
Companies Owned by Volkswagen

 Ducati is a renowned Italian brand specializing in motorcycles. They’re all about passion, performance, and precision engineering. Ducati bikes are like high-performance rockets on two wheels, designed to deliver an exhilarating riding experience for enthusiasts around the world.

History –

   – Ducati was founded in 1926 as a radio equipment manufacturer in Italy before venturing into motorcycle production in 1946.

   – It gained a reputation for its high-performance bikes, especially in motorcycle racing.

   – Ducati’s ownership changed hands multiple times before being acquired by the Volkswagen Group in 2012.

Features –

   – Race-inspired design with aerodynamic bodywork and aggressive styling.

   – Desmodromic V4 engine delivering blistering performance on the track and the road.

   – State-of-the-art electronics including Ducati Traction Control and Cornering ABS.

   – Adjustable suspension and ergonomic design for personalized comfort and control.

   – Advanced chassis and braking system for exceptional handling and safety.

Future Objective –

Ducati may aim to continue its success in the motorcycle industry by introducing new models with advanced technology and performance features. They may also focus on expanding their presence in emerging markets.

8. Porsche:

Companies Owned by Volkswagen - Porsche
Companies Owned by Volkswagen

Porsche is a legendary brand celebrated for its iconic sports cars and racing heritage. They’re the masters of blending performance with everyday usability. Porsche cars are like precision instruments, offering exhilarating driving dynamics and timeless design.

History –

   – Porsche was founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche in Germany.

   – The company initially provided automotive consulting and development work before producing its first car, the Porsche 64.

   – Porsche gained fame for its iconic sports cars, particularly the Porsche 911, and became a part of the Volkswagen Group in 2012.

Features –

   – Timeless design with iconic silhouette and unmistakable rear-engine layout.

   – Range of powerful flat-six engines offering exhilarating performance and efficiency.

   – Precision engineering and advanced technology for dynamic handling and agility.

   – Porsche Communication Management system with touchscreen interface and online connectivity.

   – Legendary reliability and durability combined with everyday usability and comfort.

Future Objective –

Porsche is likely to prioritize electric mobility and digitalization, with a focus on sustainability and innovation. They may also explore new opportunities in the luxury and sports car segments.

9. Scania:

Companies Owned by Volkswagen - Scania
Companies Owned by Volkswagen

Scania is a Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles, particularly trucks and buses. They’re known for their focus on efficiency, sustainability, and safety. Scania vehicles are like workhorses on the road, trusted by businesses worldwide for their reliability and performance.

History –

   – Scania was founded in 1891 in Sweden as a manufacturer of bicycles and later, cars and trucks.

   – The company’s focus shifted to commercial vehicles, particularly trucks and buses, in the early 20th century.

   – Scania has a long history of innovation and quality, making it one of the leading manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles in the world.

Features –

   – Robust and aerodynamic design optimized for fuel efficiency and performance.

   – Range of powerful and efficient Euro 6 engines offering low emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

   – Driver-focused interior with ergonomic controls and comfortable seating for long-haul journeys.

   – Advanced safety features including Lane Departure Warning and Electronic Stability Program.

   – Customizable configurations for various transport applications including long-haulage, distribution, and construction.

Future Objective –

Scania’s future objectives may include further development of sustainable transport solutions, such as electric and alternative fuel-powered vehicles. They may also focus on expanding their service offerings and strengthening customer relationships.

10. MAN:

Companies Owned by Volkswagen - MAN
Companies Owned by Volkswagen

MAN is a German company specializing in commercial vehicles, including trucks and buses. They’re known for their robust engineering and innovative solutions for transportation needs. MAN vehicles are like dependable partners for businesses, offering a range of reliable and efficient options for various applications.

History –

    – MAN traces its roots back to 1758 when it was founded in Germany as a producer of ironware.

    – Over the years, MAN expanded into various industries, including engineering and commercial vehicles.

    – Today, MAN is known for its high-quality trucks and buses and is a part of the Volkswagen Group’s commercial vehicles division.

Features –

    – Modern and functional design with emphasis on aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.

    – Efficient Euro 6 engines offering high performance and low emissions.

    – Spacious and ergonomic cabin with intuitive controls and comfortable seating.

    – MAN EfficientLine package for further fuel savings and reduced operating costs.

    – Comprehensive range of safety features including Emergency Brake Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control.

Future Objective –

MAN may aim to expand its presence in the commercial vehicle market by focusing on innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. They may also explore partnerships and collaborations to drive growth and competitiveness.

Sum Up

In summary, Volkswagen owns many car companies that make all kinds of vehicles for people around the world. From the famous Beetle to luxurious Bentleys, there’s a Volkswagen car for everyone. They’re known for making cars that work well, look cool, and are good for the environment. Whether you need a simple car for everyday driving or a fast one for fun, Volkswagen has you covered. As they keep moving forward, Volkswagen will keep making amazing cars that people love to drive.

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1. What are some of the major companies owned by Volkswagen?

   Volkswagen owns several major companies, including Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Ducati. These companies produce a wide range of vehicles, from luxury cars to high-performance sports cars and motorcycles.

2. How many brands does Volkswagen own?

   Volkswagen owns several brands, totaling around 12 major brands. Some of the most well-known ones include Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Audi, Porsche, ŠKODA, SEAT, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Ducati. Additionally, Volkswagen also owns commercial vehicle brands such as MAN and Scania.

3. Which Volkswagen-owned brand is known for luxury cars?

   The Volkswagen-owned brand known for luxury cars is Bentley. Bentley is renowned for its opulent and prestigious vehicles, which combine exquisite craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to deliver an unparalleled luxury driving experience.

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