10 Best LinkedIn Marketing Tools

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LinkedIn is an important platform for businesses looking to get leads, build relationships, and increase sales. With over 722 million members globally, LinkedIn gives access to a huge professional network.

But LinkedIn requires tools to make outreach easier, provide insights, and automate tasks. This article examines the top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tools.

Which reviews tools like Sales Navigator, LeadFuze, and SalesLoft Prospector that can identify and engage with relevant prospects on a large scale. These tools are designed to be simple to use while making LinkedIn more effective.

What Are LinkedIn Marketing Tools?

LinkedIn gives entrepreneurs a huge variety of tools to efficiently promote manufacturers, distribute content material, hook up with target clients, generate income leads, and benefit from insights into key expert demographics.

Core advertising merchandise on LinkedIn encompasses Sales Navigator for lead generation, Ad Manager for custom-designed advertising and marketing, Company Pages and Groups for content material sharing and engagement, Lead Gen Forms for capturing leads, and Audience Network for extended marketing campaign attainment.

The key ideas are:

  • It has a large audience, but manually engaging with them is difficult.
  • Some tools can automate finding and engaging the right prospects.
  • It reviews products that can identify and engage with relevant prospects on a large scale.

Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tools

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Marketing tools - LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator emerges as a vital device for focused lead generation and sales prospecting.

Its advanced search filters permit users to pinpoint ideal possibilities based on various standards, which include industry, task title, and enterprise length.

Additionally, Sales Navigator gives real-time insights and lead tips, facilitating personalized outreach strategies. 


  • Lead recommendations based totally on the best consumer profiles
  • Advanced seeking and filtering skills
  • Conversation insights and notifications


  • Direct integration with LinkedIn profiles and data
  • Robust account, lead, and crew control tools


  • Can be luxurious, depending on the plan.
  • The exceptional data depends on LinkedIn member profiles.

Pricing: Starts at $79. 99 /month.

2. LinkedIn plugins

LinkedIn Marketing tools - LinkedIn Plugins

LinkedIn Plugins provides a set of browser extensions and accessories designed to streamline numerous advertising and marketing obligations on the platform.

These plugins empower users to automate connection requests, extract contact information, and profile site visitors, improving performance and productivity. 


  • Real-time LinkedIn statistics synchronization
  • Click to view LinkedIn profiles on other tools.
  • Save LinkedIn content sharing within tools


  • Seamlessly combine with the LinkedIn web page.
  • Add comfort and customization.


  • Limited functionality as compared to standalone tools
  • Reliant on LinkedIn information that could vary in the best

Pricing: $15 per person/month

3. LinkedIn Small Business

LinkedIn Marketing tools - LinkedIn Small Business

LinkedIn Small Business affords a complete answer tailor-made to the desires of smaller firms seeking to make their presence on the platform bigger.

With capabilities like targeted marketing, lead generation bureaucracy, and target audience analytics, this device empowers companies to optimize their marketing campaigns and drive tangible effects. 


  • Pre-constructed lead-gen bureaucracy
  • Sponsored content and material skills
  • Custom audiences for focused ads


  • DIY method for coping with a LinkedIn presence
  • Flexible month-to-month payment


  • Very simple analytics in comparison to different tools
  • Maximum one seat in keeping with the company account

Pricing: $10 in keeping with the month

4. Crystal

LinkedIn Marketing tools - Crystal

Crystal harnesses the strength of synthetic intelligence to revolutionize the way specialists speak and connect on LinkedIn.

By studying personal trends and communication styles, Crystal affords actionable insights to tailor outreach messages and foster meaningful connections.

This device empowers users to craft compelling messages that resonate with their target market, thereby increasing reaction costs and engagement.

However, the accuracy of its character assessments might also vary, leading to occasional misinterpretations.


  • Real-time alerts on website activity
  • Conversation starters are primarily based on hobbies.
  • Tracks profile modifications and new content material


  • It installs in seconds as a Chrome extension.
  • Real-time notifications at some point in outreach


  • Only well suited to the Chrome browser
  • Limited search filters compared to Navigator


$0$39 according to user/month

5. LeadFuze

LinkedIn Marketing tools - LeadFuze

LeadFuze emerges as a game-changer in the realm of LinkedIn lead technology, imparting a plethora of advanced functions to streamline prospecting efforts.

With its significant database of established leads and customizable seek filters, LeadFuze allows users to become aware of and interact with decision-makers inside their target industries efficiently.

Despite its sturdy capability, a few users may additionally locate LeadFuze’s pricing ranges tailored extra in the direction of larger corporations.


  • Advanced search and filter
  • Advanced lead listing builder and sequence nurturing abilities
  • Automated connection requests


  • Easily builds focused lead lists
  • Seamlessly integrates with Sales Navigator


  • Setup calls for a few tedious pieces of information.
  • You nevertheless want a Sales Navigator account.

Pricing: $97 in keeping with person/month

6. SalesLoft Prospector

LinkedIn Marketing tools - SalesLoft Prospector

SalesLoft Prospector empowers sales professionals with a complete set of tools to streamline prospecting and outreach efforts on LinkedIn.

Its intuitive interface and advanced search abilities permit users to pick out terrific leads and initiate personalized conversations at scale.

Additionally, SalesLoft Prospector provides seamless integration with CRM structures and email automation tools, ensuring green lead control and follow-up.

However, some customers might also stumble upon a learning curve while navigating its feature-rich interface.


  • LinkedIn search to build targeted lists
  • Enables uploading LinkedIn leads to the platform
  • Lead enrichment competencies


  • Robust criteria options for lead lists
  • Works with a range of CRMs and MA tools


  • More focused on outreach than discovery.
  • Contract minimums can be highly priced.

Pricing: $100/month

7. Leadfeeder

LinkedIn Marketing tools - Leadfeeder

Leadfeeder is a robust platform designed to convert internet site visitors into leads, supplying businesses with precious insights to fuel their sales efforts.

With capabilities consisting of real-time lead scoring, integrations with famous CRMs, and precise vacationer tracking, Leadfeeder empowers customers to discover and interact with capable customers effectively.


  • Real-time lead scoring feature.
  • Has an integration with famous CRMs
  • It provides detailed vacationer monitoring.


  • Comprehensive lead generation and tracking abilities
  • Intuitive interface and customizable reporting


  • Pricing plans can be taken into consideration distinctly better.
  • Limited customization options compared to some competitors.

Pricing: $249/month

8. UseDemand

LinkedIn Marketing tools - Demand

UseDemand is a no-code internet site feedback and research platform that permits product teams to without problems acquire qualitative and quantitative insights from their users.

It provides an intuitive drag-and-drop editor to create remarks campaigns with surveys, NPS scoring, characteristic ratings, and more.

With its customizable and collaborative workflows, UseDemand targets to make personal studies scalable and accessible for all virtual product teams.


  • Target account identification abilities
  • Customized outreach template workflows
  • Engagement analytics dashboard


  • A complete suite for prospecting and outreach
  • It helps systematize and scale efforts.


  • Fairly primary features as compared to alternatives
  • Small dealer without logo recognition

Pricing: $7 per user/month

9. ELink Pro

LinkedIn Marketing tools - Elink Pro

ELink Pro emerges as a versatile LinkedIn marketing tool designed to simplify lead technology and dating building for corporations of all sizes.

Its intuitive interface and customizable search filters enable customers to perceive and connect to relevant possibilities seamlessly. 


  • Auto connection requests
  • Automated 2nd and 3rd-degree connections
  • Lead generation capabilities


  • Easy-to-install browser extension
  • Affordable pricing tiers


  • Automation can seem spammy if you are not careful.
  • Potential LinkedIn restrictions



10. Discover.ly

LinkedIn Marketing tools - Discover.ly

Discovery.ly empowers specialists with actionable insights to liberate the total capacity of their LinkedIn connections and interactions.

By aggregating data from diverse social media platforms and online resources, Discoverly offers complete profiles of possibilities and influencers, allowing customers to personalize their outreach strategies efficiently. 


  • Real-time LinkedIn notifications
  • sends customized emails
  • Lead scoring and nurturing


  • Capitalize on real-time web activity
  • Custom rules for ideal prospects


  • More limited feature set to use
  • It has fewer prospecting capabilities.

Pricing: $99+ per user/month

Comparison Chart 

Here is a comparison chart that compares 10 LinkedIn tools for Marketing

ToolKey FeaturesPricing
Sales NavigatorLead recommendations, advanced search, CRM integrationStarts at $79.99/user/month
LinkedIn PluginsBrowser extensions for automation, trackingFree or low-cost subscriptions
LinkedIn Small BusinessTargeted marketing, lead gen forms, analytics$10/month
CrystalAI-powered communication insights, conversation startersFree or $39/user/month
LeadFuzeAdvanced lead generation, automated outreach$97/user/month
SalesLoft ProspectorStreamlined prospecting, CRM integration$100/user/month
LeadfeederFacilitates meaningful connections, automated follow-ups$249/month
UseDemandProspecting, outreach, analytics$7/user/month
eLink ProSimplified lead generation, customizable search$9.99+/user/month
Discover.lyActionable insights, real-time LinkedIn notifications$99+/user/month


These Helpful tools can find and contact qualified leads automatically. Products like Sales Navigator, LeadFuze, and SalesLoft Prospector use search filters to identify prospects by industry, job title, etc. They give insights to personalize messages too.

These LinkedIn marketing tools also integrate with CRMs and email services for organized follow-ups. Picking the right one depends on an organization’s specific requirements, features offered, and pricing. Comparing options is important to determine the best fit.


1: What LinkedIn tools can I use to better target my best clients?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Get relevant lead suggestions primarily based on the perfect customer profiles you create.

LinkedIn Ad Manager: Create tremendously focused ads that reach your ideal customers.

2: How can I generate more leads from LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Articles: Publish lengthy-form posts to establish notions of leadership.

LinkedIn Groups: Engage in area-of-interest communities to hook up with prospects.

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