100+ Most Popular Hashtags YouTube

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In the vast ocean of YouTube, where millions of videos vie for attention, finding the right strategy to stand out can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

But what if I told you there’s a simple tool that can help your content rise above the rest? Enter hashtags.

These tiny but powerful tags can make a world of difference in how your videos are discovered and engaged.

Ready to unlock the secrets of the most popular hashtags YouTube and take your YouTube channel to the next level?

Let’s dive in and explore how you can harness the power of hashtags to boost your views and grow your subscriber base.

What are YouTube Hashtags?

YouTube hashtags are keywords that you add to your video titles or descriptions to help categorize your content and make it easier for people to find.

They start with the “#” symbol. For example, if you use #friends on your video, it will be grouped with other videos that have the same hashtag.

When someone clicks on a hashtag, they are taken to a page showing all the videos with that hashtag, making it easier for viewers to discover related content. This is especially helpful for creators to reach the right audience.

While you can use multiple hashtags, it’s best not to overdo it to avoid confusing YouTube’s algorithms. For detailed guidelines on using hashtags, you can check YouTube’s policy.

How do YouTube Hashtags work?

most Popular Hashtags YouTube - how they works
most Popular Hashtags YouTube

Hashtags on YouTube are simple yet powerful tools that help increase the visibility of your videos. To create a hashtag, just pick a keyword or phrase relevant to your content and place the hash symbol (#) in front of it. This transforms the word or phrase into a clickable link.

When users click on a hashtag, they are directed to a page with other videos using the same tag, making it easier for them to find related content. Alternatively, users can type the hashtag directly into the search bar to discover more videos on the same topic.

Using relevant hashtags not only helps your audience find your videos but also aids YouTube’s algorithm in understanding the content and context of your video. This improves your chances of appearing in search results and recommendations, effectively acting as a free marketing tool.

Therefore, integrating hashtags into your YouTube SEO and marketing strategy is crucial for boosting your video’s reach and engagement.

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Where to use Hashtags?

You can add hashtags to your video’s title, description, or both:

1. Title:

   – Start your title with a branded hashtag, especially if you’re creating a series. This helps viewers find all the videos in that series easily.

   – Follow the hashtag with a clear and relevant title.

2. Description:

   – Write a summary of your video as usual.

   – Add a few relevant hashtags at the end of the description. These should be based on keywords related to your content.

By using hashtags in these ways, your videos become easier to find. A branded hashtag keeps viewers within your content, while keyword-based hashtags can attract a broader audience. Plus, YouTube highlights the first three hashtags from your description above your video’s title, enhancing visibility.

Tips for Using YouTube Hashtags

1. Placement: Add hashtags in the title or at the bottom of the video description.

2. Community Guidelines: Make sure all hashtags follow YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Non-compliant hashtags won’t appear.

3. No Spaces: Don’t use spaces in your hashtags. Combine words into one, like this: #ExampleHashtag.

4. Limit the Number: Avoid using too many hashtags. Although YouTube allows up to 60, using too many can make them less effective. Stick to a few relevant ones.

5. Relevance: Only use hashtags that are directly related to your video content. Irrelevant hashtags can result in your video being removed.

6. Avoid Offensive Content: Don’t use hashtags that are offensive, explicit, or harassing others. Such content can lead to video removal or age restrictions.

How to Find the Right Hashtags for Your YouTube Videos?

finding most Popular Hashtags YouTube
finding most Popular Hashtags YouTube

1. YouTube Trending Feed

Check out the YouTube trending feed to see what’s popular in your country. This feed shows trending videos across different categories like gaming, music, movies, and more. By seeing what’s trending, you can get ideas for relevant hashtags to use.

2. YouTube Global Trending Feed

If you’re aiming for a global audience, use YouTube’s global trending feed. This feed shows what’s trending worldwide in various categories, helping you choose hashtags that have a broader appeal.

3. Google Trends

Google Trends is a powerful tool to find out what’s currently popular both on YouTube and on Google Search. You can search for trending topics by country or globally, giving you a comprehensive view of current trends to help you select the right hashtags.

4. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is a popular website where you can enter a topic keyword to get a list of relevant hashtags. It’s straightforward to use and can provide you with plenty of hashtag suggestions for your videos.

5. Best-Hashtags.com

Best-Hashtags.com offers a simple interface to find trending hashtags. This site provides updated lists of popular hashtags not just for YouTube but also for other platforms like Instagram.

6. TubeRanker

TubeRanker is a versatile tool that helps improve your YouTube SEO. It offers features like hashtag generation, channel auditing, keyword tools, rank tracking, and title generation. This can help you boost your video’s visibility and performance.

Most Popular Hashtags YouTube

Currently, these are the most popular hashtags trending on YouTube: 

  • #youtube
  • #youtuber
  • #instagram
  • #music
  • #love
  • #follow
  • #TravelVlog
  • #DIY
  • #Funny
  • #Trending
  • #Viral
  • #Challenge
  • #spotify
  • #like
  • #youtubechannel
  • #explorepage
  • #instagood
  • #memes
  • #subscribe
  • #viral


  • #Fashionista
  • #OOTD (Outfit of the Day)
  • #MakeupAddict
  • #BeautyTips
  • #StyleInspo
  • #FashionBlogger
  • #InstaFashion
  • #BeautyGoals
  • #StreetStyle
  • #FashionForward


  • #FitLife
  • #FitnessMotivation
  • #HealthyLiving
  • #WorkoutWednesday
  • #GymLife
  • #CleanEating
  • #GetFit
  • #FitnessGoals
  • #ExerciseTime
  • #HealthIsWealth


  • #Foodie
  • #InstaFood
  • #FoodPorn
  • #Foodgasm
  • #FoodPhotography
  • #Yummy
  • #FoodLover
  • #NomNom
  • #Foodstagram
  • #Delicious


  • #EduChat
  • #LearningIsFun
  • #EdTech
  • #TeacherLife
  • #StudentLife
  • #Studygram
  • #EducationForAll
  • #OnlineLearning
  • #EducationalTechnology
  • #StudyMotivation


  • #EntertainmentNews
  • #CelebNews
  • #MovieNight
  • #TVShow
  • #MusicMonday
  • #CelebStyle
  • #RedCarpet
  • #PopCulture
  • #EntertainmentIndustry
  • #MovieBuff


  • #MovieMagic
  • #FilmFan
  • #MovieReview
  • #CinemaLovers
  • #MustWatch
  • #FilmFestival
  • #ClassicMovie
  • #ActionFilm
  • #IndieFilm
  • #Blockbuster


  • #HappyBirthday
  • #BirthdayCelebration
  • #BirthdayParty
  • #WeddingDay
  • #MarriedLife
  • #Anniversary
  • #LoveBirds
  • #WeddingInspiration
  • #BrideToBe
  • #GroomToBe


  • #GamerLife
  • #GameOn
  • #GamingCommunity
  • #Streamer
  • #VideoGames
  • #GamingSetup
  • #GameNight
  • #OnlineGaming
  • #GamingLife
  • #GamingAddict


  • #LifeGoals
  • #HealthyHabits
  • #TravelGram
  • #SelfCare
  • #AdventureTime
  • #ExploreMore
  • #Mindfulness
  • #LifeHacks
  • #DigitalNomad
  • #LivingMyBestLife


  • #InstaGood
  • #PhotoOfTheDay
  • #Love
  • #InstaDaily
  • #PicOfTheDay
  • #Beautiful
  • #InstaPic
  • #Happy
  • #Cute
  • #FollowMe


  • #TechNews
  • #Innovation
  • #Gadgets
  • #TechTrends
  • #FutureTech
  • #GeekLife
  • #TechReview
  • #StartupLife
  • #DigitalTransformation
  • #CodeLife

Ending Note

To grow your viewership on YouTube, your main focus should be on creating engaging and high-quality videos that meet your audience’s expectations. While thumbnails, titles, hashtags, and descriptions are important for attracting clicks and attention, they can’t make up for poor content. If viewers don’t like what they see, they’ll leave quickly.

Most popular hashtags YouTube, in particular, help categorize your videos and boost viewership. If you can’t find relevant hashtags, use YouTube’s auto-suggest feature or third-party tools. Just remember not to overuse or misuse hashtags, as it could lead to your video being removed. Always prioritize great content, and use thumbnails, titles, and hashtags effectively to enhance your video’s reach.


1. Are hashtags important on YouTube?

Yes, they’re helpful for organizing videos on similar topics. When users search for a hashtag, videos using that tag show up in the results, making it easier for your target audience to find your content. This can boost views and subscribers, growing your channel.

2. Should you use a hashtag in your video title?

Yep! Using a branded hashtag in your title can be super effective. It helps your audience find all your videos by searching for or clicking on that hashtag. Branded hashtags also keep viewers focused on your content, rather than leading them to competitors.

3. How can you get more YouTube subscribers?

Besides optimizing titles and descriptions with relevant hashtags, try collaborating with other creators, starting an email newsletter with video links, promoting on social media or podcasts, and running contests.

4. How can you rank higher on YouTube?

SEO is key! Optimize videos with keywords and 1-2 relevant hashtags in titles and descriptions. Engage with viewers by replying to comments and encouraging subscriptions to boost rankings.

5. How can you access analytics for your YouTube channel?

You can use third-party tools like Talkwalker, ViralStat, TubeBuddy, Vidooly, YouScan, and Digimind for YouTube and hashtag analytics.

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