Add Me To Search: How To Create Your Google People Card

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You must be thinking, what Google people card, right? Many of us search Google to learn more about high-profile people and celebrities. Then, we generally get their previews, like Knowledge Panels containing their social media profiles, public records, benefits, etc.

Did you know that any discrete can have a similar preview on Google? Google has made it likely for us through the feature called “Add Me to Search.” Whether you want to promote your business or your private profile in search results, this feature lets you do that easily in an informative, crisp, and accurate manner.

This article will discuss creating a virtual Google Search Card using the Add Me to Exploration feature.

What is a Google People Card?

Google’s Add Me to Search option lets you print a public search profile card on the search engine, making your profile or product available to people across the globe. With the help of the feature, you can create a public type of your profile’s Knowledge Panel. This can include details such as your name, description, occupation, profile picture, business, location, email address, website, social media links, and phone numbers.

These pieces of data allow anyone to treasure you or your brand on Google. It’s also possible to include text and images besides links to help people find you on Google. Therefore, it fundamentally acts as your virtual business card. According to Google, the secret of letting users create public cards is to help influencers, freelancers, businesspeople, business professionals, and others build their online presence and increase visibility. You can make your reputation quickly using this feature.

The Importance of Google People Card?

As mentioned above, you get to create an effective online business card using the Google people card procedure that helps expand your reach and increase your discernibility in search results. Let’s see the most important benefits of the Add Me to Search feature.

  • You get to build a public data panel that shows up whenever Superstar searches your name on Google
  • Lets you discriminate from celebrities or high-profile individuals who may share your name
  • Helps to better your private branding by cumulative your search engine visibility
  • Provide volunteers with your up-to-date phone number and email address so that they can connect through your brand or you quickly and easily
  •  Helps you promote your brand, organization, or work in search results
  • You can highlight your social media profiles besides your website, providing the searchers with more options to get more data about you, your connections, and your interests, among others
  • You may advance leads from search results

How does Google People Card Work?

In today’s highly digitalized world, it can often become challenging for an individual who doesn’t share their name with many other people or isn’t famous for having a solid occurrence in search results. As a result, searchers also have a difficult time concluding accurate, up-to-date information about these people.

As noted upstairs, you can use your people card, similar to your virtual visiting card, which encompasses your up-to-date social media links or website and other data about yourself that you want the searchers to know.

People cards can be secondhand by people from all walks of life, no matter if you’re an influencer, freelancer, business, performer, business professional, or somebody looking to build your online company.

When people search Google for your name, they’ll see a component on your name if you have a people card. Firstly, the module will show your name, location, and profession. Once the searchers tap on the component, your complete card will become perceptible.

Creating Your Google People Card

To create your Google people card, you have to have a mobile device with an Internet connection accessible. You also need a personal Google account that is calm and has Web & App Activity turned on.

Here are the complete steps you need to take to create your Google People card.

  • Step 1

Open your browser, enter the address bar, and type “add me to search.” Google will demonstrate the official application link or website to generate a people card. Click “Get Started” to start developing your card.

  • Step 2

You’ll need to deliver the information you want the searchers to see about you at this step. There are four mandatory fields: name, location, about, and job. Then, you’ll find optional fields below the obligatory ones.

These fields include work, education, hometown, website, social profiles, email, and phone number. You can add as few or as many as you want.

In the context by mean social profiles, you can connect to your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, and Instagram. While you must manually enter popular information, Google will automatically provide your phone number and email address.

It does this based on the data available in your Google account. If you want to adjust the phone number and email address on the people card, you must first modify them in your Google account.

You can also choose not to exhibit your phone number and email address, the course of which we’ll discuss in one of the subsequent blocks.

  • Step 3

Once you complete all the information, you need to preview your people card before it gets published online. After reviewing the data and the look of your card, save it, and Google will index it closely in search results.

 You can type your term in Google to check its appearance in search results.

 These are the only complex steps in creating your Google People card. However, it’s critical to note that the Google people card will only be shown to volunteers from India, South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya. We don’t know whether or not Google will make this feature accessible to searchers in other countries, but for now, it’ll positively increase your online presence in these four countries.

People who aren’t located in India can use a VPN to create their Google people cards. You need to visit Google’s mobile version to do this.

Editing a Google People Card

Follow these steps to edit the material in your Google people card.

  • Step 1

Use your mobile manoeuvre to open the Internet browser on it. Recollect to log into your Google account before opening the browser. Enter “edit AMSC,” and your people card resolve becomes visible. Tap on the material you want to change on your card.

  • Step 2

Click the sections that you want to edit to change the information. Once you complete the edits, a preview will be displayed to you. If you need to keep the changes, save them, and they’ll be accessible on Google.

Removing Phone Numbers besides Email Addresses from Google People Card

Some users do not share their phone numbers or email addresses openly because of security concerns. If you have your email address or phone number on your people card, you can eliminate them whenever you want.

  • follow the identical steps we stated in the last block
  • Delete all information since the phone number and email boxes besides let them remain blank
  • Preview then save the card to make sure that both fields persist in the hidden
  • Once the card goes animate again, search your name on Google and prove that it doesn’t display your phone number or email address

Removing Google People Card from Search

These steps prevent your Google People card from appearing in search results.

  •  Open your Google web or app browser besides visiting the “add me to search link.”
  • Click on the “edit” option obtainable on the screen’s top corner
  • Continue scrolling down until you get to the “Run” section
  • Click the “Eliminate my search card from Google.”
  • Click on the “DELETE” button to reject your Google people card since the search

Making the Most Out Of Your Google People Card

The people card is a very effective tool to promote your brand or yourself in search fallouts. Therefore, publishing the most substantial and accurate information on your people card is vital.

Here are some smithereens of advice you may want to trail to do this.

  • Continually keep the information in your Google people card up-to-date. Posting out-of-work details on the card won’t help the searchers looking for you; besides, they may prefer to refrain from contacting you. Besides, your information may get deleted from the search index by Google if it perceives that your card isn’t adequately rationalized all the time.
  •  It’s vital only to publish authentic and accurate information, particularly if it’s associated with your professional and business. If Google identifies a mismatch between your actual information and the information on your card, it may take away your people card.
  • It’s vital to remember that your Google People card is just a bite-sized Knowledge Panel that benefits searchers with more information about you. So, it would help if you didn’t use it to promote your brand or yourself. Keep the sentences straightforward and clear, and don’t use words or phrases that may seem like you are advertising something. These include words such as “best,” “affordable,” “top-quality,” and “world-class,” among others.
  • Make sure that the wording on your Google People card remains barren of vulgarity. Google completely forbids using any humiliating or insulting material, like personally mugging somebody or making negative comments about a prior job, as well as any offensive or obscene language.
  • Remember to post an identifiable and clear photo on your Google people card. And do not ever post another person’s picture through your profile picture.


The more data you provide for Google, the more you add me to the search, and the better your probability of getting a card shown. So, if it doesn’t show up after several hours, try editing through some extra details! The Google people card is an outstanding way to show off your branding. It’s accessible and easy.

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1. What is the use of Google People Card?

If you want to be originated on Google search, create a people card! It would help to fill in your relevant info and submit it for approval. Persons can search for you and then see your People Card.

2. Why does my Google People Card not show?

Ensure your Web & App movement is turned on. You must use your personal Google account, and your language obligation will be set to English.

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