20 Best AI Data Scraping Tools

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Data scraping tools can feel like wandering through a labyrinth of options, each promising to be the ultimate solution for your data gathering needs. Whether you’re a small business aiming for sales leads, a recruiter hunting down top talent, or a researcher seeking valuable insights, the sheer variety of tools available can leave you scratching your head in confusion.

But fear not! In this article, we’re here to Break down data scraping and guide you through the maze of options. Whether you’re grappling with the choice between cloud-based or browser-based tools, or you’re baffled by technical terms like APIs, we’ve got you covered.

Join us as we unravel the complexities of AI Data Scraping Tools and shine a spotlight on the top 20 tools that are tailor-made to suit your specific use case. So sit back, relax, and let us help you find the perfect AI Data Scraping Tools companion to supercharge your data game!

What is AI Data Scraping?

AI data scraping tools are software applications that utilize artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to extract data from various online sources such as websites, social media platforms, and databases. These tools employ advanced algorithms to automatically navigate through web pages, interpret the content, and extract relevant information in a structured format.

Types of AI Data Scraping Tools

  • Text Data Scraping: Extracts text content like product descriptions, news articles, reviews, and social media posts.
  • Image & Video Scraping: Downloads images and videos based on specific criteria.
  • Structured Data Scraping: Pulls data from tables, charts, and other organized formats on webpages.
  • Webpage Element Scraping: Targets specific elements on a webpage, like product prices or contact information.
  • Real-Time Data Scraping: Extracts dynamic data that updates frequently, useful for monitoring trends or competitor pricing.

Why is AI Data Scraping Tools or Web data so Important?

Web data can be the key to increasing your sales, as well as your productivity. The modern-day Internet is a boisterous place – users create a mind-blowing 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. Whether you’re just around to launch your dream project or have owned your occupation for decades, the information in the data helps you draw latent customers away from your competitors and keep them coming back.

Web scraping, or extracting valuable data from the Internet and converting it into a valid format (comparable to a spreadsheet), is crucial to keeping your business or produce from falling behind.

More and more companies are benefitting from lead generation through web scraping. Web data can tell you almost everything you need to know about latent consumers, from the average prices they’re paying to the must-have features of the moment.

However, the sheer amount of data on potential customers’ earnings that you could spend the rest of your life manually extracting data. In addition, you would never catch up. That’s where automated scraping tools come in. The course of finding them can be highly intimidating, however.

Using the best web scraping tools for the job is essential for obtaining quality data, so you want to ensure you get the best tools.

How to Choose Web Scraping Tools

Before using AI-powered data scraping tools, it’s crucial to consider factors like data privacy regulations, ethical implications, and the quality of extracted data. Ensure compliance with laws like GDPR to protect user privacy. Evaluate the tool’s accuracy and reliability to avoid misleading or erroneous information.

Capabilities and Needs:

  • Data Requirements: Choose what type of data you want to scrape (e.g. text, images, structured data, etc.) Make a selection of AI tools that are capable of handling the required data format for you.
  • Website Complexity: Consider the fact that webpages you will be scraping may not be very simple in nature. AI tools favor dynamic or frequently changing website layouts, as they have the ability to process vast amounts of information and update websites in real-time.
  • Scalability: AI tools should be able to handle large amounts of data. If you plan on scraping in huge volumes, ensure that your AI tool can process stuff fast.

Technical Considerations:

  • Ease of Use: Assess the tool’s UI and the difficulties in understanding it. Others involve fact of coding; others offer easy-to-use interface.
  • Technical Support: Check the technological facilities of your vendor in case some problems arise, and do not be angry.
  • Integration Capabilities: Decide the potential of the tool to flow well with your own data analysis or workflow management systems.

Legal and Ethical Aspects:

  • Website Terms & Conditions: It is always convenient to abide by a website’s terms of service and robots.txt file, which defines the rules concerning the data scraping.
  • Data Privacy Regulations: Remember that you would need to observe such regulations as GDPR and CCPA if scraping data, and you should make sure you handle the collection and usage of data in a way that complies with regulations.
  • Responsible Scraping Practices: Do not overwhelm servers for fake bots and give preference to fair data collection procedures.

Additional Considerations:

  • Cost: Cost of AI scraping tools may depend on feature availability and complicity of tools. Set a budget and also see if timing style (subscriptions or pay-per-use) or any other unidentified feature influences your price range before choosing a tool.
  • Free Trials & Demos: Some AI scraperless examples provide free trials or demonstrations. You have got an excellent opportunity to examine the functionality and user interface of your webpage and make the necessary corrections beforehand.
  • Security: Select the AI scraping tools supplier whose has reinforced security measures to ensure protection of your data and safeguard you from the data security issues.

Serious data devotees want tools to do both and everything in between. There are free web scraping tools for less intensive needs besides premium ones with enterprise-level features. In the following list, we’ve outlined our pet web scraping tools, along with who might benefit most from using them and why that’s the case.

Whether you’re a data-scraping newbie or a veteran developer, here is our list of the best web-scraping tools available today. From open-source projects to hosted SaaS solutions to desktop web scraping software, there is sure to be a web scraping tool in this list that will work for your project.

20 Best AI Data Scraping Tools

1. Bright Data (Luminati Networks)

AI Data Scraping Tools - brightdata
AI Data Scraping Tools

Bright Data is an Israeli technology company that offers web data collection and proxy services to B2B companies. The company’s headquarters are in Israel, with an additional office in New York. Since 2018, the CEO of Bright Data is Or Lenchner.

With its customizable dashboard and the ability to structure data sets of any size, Bright Data provides copiously compliant and risk-free access to healthy data. Bright Data web scrapers are pitched toward any customer!


  • Proxy API
  • Browser extension
  • Data unblocker
  • Search engine crawler
  • Poxy management (no code in addition to open source)




Efficient data extraction tool, and workflow processes with accuracy and reliability.

2. ScrapingBee

AI Data Scraping Tools - scraping bee
AI Data Scraping Tools

ScrapingBee delivers powerful and efficient web scraping solutions to a variety of industries. The company aims to enable organizations to tap into essential data for their decision-making processes and market research, besides various data-oriented tasks.

Calculated to lend easy web scraping to developers besides non-developers alike, ScrapingBee bids HTML data from any website in a single API call: management browsers, proxies, and CAPTCHAs with ease. Scrapingdog also comes with a bonus of a LinkedIn API. 


  • Headless Chrome
  • Webhooks
  • IP rotation
  • JavaScript translation


Lite StandardProEnterprise


Powerful web scraping API for seamless data extraction.

3. AvesAPI

AI Data Scraping Tools - avesAPI
AI Data Scraping Tools

AvesAPI is a SERP API allowing users to scrape Google search results in real-time. The API provides fast answer times and returns live, up-to-date search results. It supports geo-targeted searching, allowing users to specify a country and city to retrieve local results. Replies can be exported in JSON or HTML format for integration.

Aimed primarily at agencies and then developers, AvesAPI offers a highly focused extraction of structured data from Google Search. As it works via a distributed system that can easily extract millions of keywords, AvesAPI is best matched for SEO purposes. Marketing professionals may get a lot out of this tool.


  • Geotargeted results
  • Parsed shopping product data
  • Top 100 fallouts from anywhere




Simplifying web scraping with efficient and reliable data extraction.

4. ParseHub

AI Data Scraping Tools - parsehub
AI Data Scraping Tools

Collect and store data from slightly JavaScript and AJAX pages. Easily instruct ParseHub to search through forms, open drop downs, login to websites, click on maps, and handle sites with infinite scroll, tabs, and pop-ups to scrape your data.

Arriving in an expedient downloadable app format, ParseHub is current and accessible. Allowing for the acquisition of JSON and CSV files, it’s also one of the more versatile web scrapers on the market today. ParseHub users can admit data behind a login and scrape it from maps and tables. It’s targeted at nearly anyone who wants to mess around with data.


  • Infinite scroll
  • Skill to schedule data collection
  • Automatic cloud-based storage
  • IP rotation and unvarying expressions




Intuitive web scraping tool for effortless data extraction.

5. Diffbot

AI Data Scraping Tools - diffbot
AI Data Scraping Tools

Diffbot is a developer of machine learning then computer vision algorithms and public APIs for extracting data from web pages / web scraping to generate a knowledge base.

Completed through a handy “Analyze API” feature that allows for automatically recognizing pages, Diffbot comes with fully hosted software as a service (SaaS) and visual processing for non-English web scraping. Diffbot is also known for its clean text and HTML and highly selective structured searches. 


  • Modified crawling controls
  • APIs for images, videos, discussions, and products, besides articles
  • CSV or JSON data formatting




AI-powered web scraping for accurate and scalable data extraction.

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6. Octoparse

AI Data Scraping Tools - octoparse
AI Data Scraping Tools

This is the most common technique when dealing with data preparation during data collection in Data Science projects, in which a well-defined program resolves to extract valuable information from a target website in a human-readable output format; this would be in any verbal.

Octoparse is a free, multi-award winning web scraping software to try websites into structured data deprived of coding. For the non-developers looking for an easy, usable web scraping tool that necessitates no code, Octoparse might fit the bill. In addition to needed features like IP rotation and cloud storage services!


  • Scheduled scraping at any time
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Data results are accessible in Excel, API, or CSV formats.


Free PlanStandard PlanProfessional PlanEnterprise Plan


web scraping for efficient and flexible data extraction.

7. ScrapingDog

AI Data Scraping Tools - scrapingdog
AI Data Scraping Tools

Data scraping, or web scraping is a procedure of importing data from websites into files or spreadsheets. It is secondhand to extract data from the web, either for personal use by the scraping operator or to re-claim the data on other websites. There are numerous software claims for automating data scraping.

Working as a Chrome delay, ScrapingBee offers JavaScript translations of webpages in the fashion of a genuine browser. This extension lets ScrapingBee handle countless headless instances in a way that claims less space. It’s an excessive tool for tech companies and developers who want to avoid commissions and headless browsers.


  • Growth hacking
  • Search engine fallout pages (SERPs) scraping
  • Proxy rotation


FreelanceStartupBusinessBusiness Plus


Simplifying web scraping with scalable, reliable data extraction solutions.

8. Scrape.do

AI Data Scraping Tools - scrape.do
AI Data Scraping Tools

You can scrape a slight website by using more than 95 million proxies. Just direct a request to the API, and we will rotate every request using our proxy pools.

Scrape.do stances out from many competitors because this scalable web scraping tool doesn’t charge additional fees for difficult-to-scrape sites like Google, making it great for just near anyone. Scrape. It also boasts a gateway speed that is around four times faster than its nearest contestant and can collect anonymous data from sites like Instagram in three flashes or less. 


  • Geotargeting for multiple countries
  • Customers are only excited about successful extractions
  • No limits on bandwidth through any plan




Efficient web scraping for accurate and customizable data extraction.

9. Scraper API

AI Data Scraping Tools- scraper.api
AI Data Scraping Tools

API scraping is locating a website’s API endpoints, besides fetching the desired data directly from their API, instead of parsing the data from their rendered HTML pages. Note: In the following few lessons, we’ll use SoundCloud’s website as an instance target, but the techniques described here can be practical for any site.

Scraper API is one of the more astonishing web scraping tools for non-developers to integrate, as all it needs is an API key and URL for a user to send a GET demand. Lending easy support for JavaScript renderings, Scraper API is also fully customizable. It allows for the request as well as the header to be made-to-order to a user’s needs.


  • High consistency and fast speeds
  • Manages CAPTCHAs, proxies, and browsers
  • Geolocated proxy turning


$49/ mo$149/ mo$299/ moCustom/mo


Seamless web scraping with reliable data extraction solutions.

10. Scrapestack

AI Data Scraping Tools - scrapestack
AI Data Scraping Tools

The stability of a web scraper rests on on external factors outside your control, such as website changes besides new anti-scraping technologies. In contrast, APIs are more unchanging since they’re deployed on a dedicated server.

Calculated to free users of technical issues like IP blocks besides geotargeting, Scrapestack is an excellent scraping tool for any user. As long as full HTML content and JavaScript renderings are available, Scrapestack uses standard and premium proxies to prevent blocking.


  • Can be united in five minutes
  • Handles concurrent API requirements and CAPTCHA solving
  • Close to 100% uptime rate




Reliable web scraping API for efficient data extraction needs.

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11. Bardeen AI data scraper

AI Data Scraping Tools - bardeen
AI Data Scraping Tools

Society faces an urgent and complex challenge in artificial intelligence (AI) data scraping. Left unresolved, it could threaten responsible AI innovation. Data scraping denotes using web crawlers or other means to obtain data from third-party websites or social media properties.

With Bardeen, you can jam individual pages with a single right-click, extract lists in additional tables, and enrich a list of links. Plus, you don’t necessity to be present every time you fail to perform scraping operations since it can be automated besides being done periodically, too!


  • Supports web packed
  • Makes price data scraping
  • Automatically scraps acquaintances’ info from websites
  • Manages standard besides premium website proxies
  • Support IP Rotation in addition to CAPTCHA solving




Bardeen AI Data Scraper: Efficient solution for data work extraction.

12. Instant Data Scraper

AI Data Scraping Tools - instant data scraper
AI Data Scraping Tools

Instant Data Scraper is a mechanical data extraction tool for any website. It uses AI to predict which data is most relevant on an HTML page and allows it to be redeemable to Excel or CSV files (XLS, XLSX, CSV).

This is the simplest, easy-to-use web scraper postponement you will find.  Just click on the extension icon when you’re on the webpage, and then it automatically detects what data you want to be extracted.  You can edit it as obligatory or specify selectors and export the data through an Excel or CSV file. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.


  • Supports IP addresses spin while scraping data
  • Offers CAPTCHA solving besides JavaScript rendering
  • Exports data in arrangements like CSV, JSON, Excel, etc.




Simplifying data extraction for effortless web scraping.

13. Phantom Buster

AI Data Scraping Tools - phantom bustor
AI Data Scraping Tools

PhantomBuster is software calculated for small- to medium-sized businesses looking for an effective automated growth hacking tool. It allows users to automate workflows and generate more leads without manually managing individual tasks, making it perfect for those short on time and wanting to boost productivity.

You might think it’s like Bardeen regarding automation, but there’s one big alteration. Phantom Buster only focuses on specific use cases. So, there are an imperfect number of websites from which it can scrape data, and it doesn’t let you build a custom scraper either.


  • Runs unlimited tasks instantaneously
  • Manages proxies for data centres and SERPs
  • Cutting data from Amazon, schema.org, webpages, etc.




Innovative web scraping tool for efficient data extraction.

14. Magical

AI Data Scraping Tools  - magical
AI Data Scraping Tools

Data scraping, or web scraping, is importing information from a website into a spreadsheet or local file saved on your computer. It’s one of the most productive ways to get data from the web and, in some cases, to channel that data to extra websites. 

For scraping a webpage, you need to specify variables, which tells Magical where to pick the data. Once protected, you can quickly transfer those variables to any additional web app, like Google Sheets.


  • Extracts websites HTML, JSON, etc.
  • Creates no code custom web scraping engines




Simplifies web scraping, offering accurate data extraction solutions effortlessly.

15. Grepsr

AI Data Scraping Tools - grapsr
AI Data Scraping Tools

If you need an extension that can give you step-by-step instructions as you go along the scraping process, Grepsr is worth looking at.

When you open the extension, you’ll get a dialogue box on the top, ‘ Start by tagging your first field.’ After you’ve selected a few basics, you’ll be shown how many items you’ve nominated.


  • Supports IP rotation for web scraping
  • Provides automatic proxy rotation
  • Offers general web scraping


Starter PackGrowth BackEnterprise


Reliable web scraping solution for accurate data extraction needs.

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16. Listly

AI Data Scraping Tools - listly
AI Data Scraping Tools

If your data scraping pains are centred around Excel, and you plan to scrape data and glue it directly into a spreadsheet, Listly was developed with you in mind. Linked to other web scraper extensions, it’s a much simpler option primarily absorbed in Excel.

Click Listly’s extension icon to get started and explore other features. After completing your web scraping, you’ll be taken to a page labeled “Listly Result.” You can perform your web scraping results and download them in several formats.


  • Offers sentimental analysis
  • Curates content from many sources to improve the content strategy




Data collection with collaborative list-making and sharing.

17. Data Miner

AI Data Scraping Tools - data miner
AI Data Scraping Tools

Data mining is the process of extracting and then discovering patterns in large data sets involving methods at the joint of machine learning, statistics, and database systems.

Did you notice that you must specify selectors for maximum web scraper extensions? Well, you can do that with something other than Data Miner! It has a public database of over one million removal recipes.


  • Supports concurrent server requests
  • Automates data group procedure
  • Extracts customer’s facts to find sales leads


SoloSmall BuisnessBuisnessBuisness Plus


Powerful web scraping tool for efficient data extraction

18. SimpleScraper

AI Data Scraping Tools - simple scraper
AI Data Scraping Tools

When you select a hyperlink or image component, the link should be detected routinely and will appear in the scrape results. If, for some reason, the results do not contain links, then accept the recipe and run it in the cloud – the more commanding cloud scraping capabilities are sure to extract the links.

The name says it all. Simplescraper is impartial to a simple-to-use web scraper extension. It turns locally in your browser and doesn’t require a sign-up or a subscription. Want to see it in the act? Here you go.


  • Offers multiple APIs to total data from various sources
  • Extracts data from tables, maps, and charts




Web scraping solution for easy and efficient extraction.

19. ParseHub

AI Data Scraping Tools - parsehub
AI Data Scraping Tools

Collect and store data from somewhat JavaScript and AJAX pages. Easily instruct ParseHub to hunt through forms, open drop downs, login to websites, click on maps, and handle sites through infinite scroll, tabs, and pop-ups to scrape your data.

ParseHub’s free scraping tool can be used secondhand to scrape data from various websites. All you need to do is select the website for scrapping, choose the data for scrapping, and export the scraped data into multiple formats.


  • Auto rotates IP addresses to crawl web site
  • Imports the scraped data into multiple set-ups like JSON and Excel
  • Scraps sales leads from directories, societies, social media, etc.


EveryoneStandardProfessionalParseHub Plus
Free$189$599Enterprise Web Scraping


Simplifying web scraping with intuitive, customizable data extraction.

20. Zenscrape

AI Data Scraping Tools - zenscrape
AI Data Scraping Tools

Zenscrape is an API that manages all web rubbing problems and supports high-quality HTML data extraction. The tool concentrates requests via a modern headless Chrome browser for precise and accurate data aggregation.

Typically, screen scraping is used to collect data from one application to translate it to another — or, more polemically, to steal data. Visual data is collected as plain text from onscreen information, such as text, images, or charts appearing on the desktop, in a request, or on a website.


  • Supports web crawling
  • Performs price data scraping
  • Automatically scraps link info from websites
  • Manages standard besides premium website proxies.




Fast, reliable, intuitive. Simplifies data extraction hassle. Exceptional tool

Ending Note

After reading the article, you might have learned about website scraping tools and how they can help you through data extraction. In this article, we have listed the top software for extracting and importing data from websites. So these are some AI Data Scraping Tools that you want to check out!

Based on landscapes like data extraction, IP rotation, proxy management, etc., ParseHub and Scraping Bot have turned out to be the best tools for web scraping. 


1. What is AI data scraping and how does it differ from standard scraping?

Traditional data scraping is facilitated by using specific rules to siphon data off of websites. AI data scraping is equipped with artificial intelligence elements like machine learning which allows it to deal with the deviation of websites and unstructured data.

2. What are some legal considerations when using AI data scraping tools?

  • Respect robots.txt: This file states the location of the website where data cannot be scratched.
  • Try to distribute calls for web scraping so that requests are not received massively.
  • Comply with data privacy regulations: USD be careful about GDPR and regulations other in connection with information gathering.

3. Is data scraping by AI safe?

Quality AI scrapers tend to place a highlight on the safekeeping of web security and responsible data collection. But, it is also required to be a quality scraper and to use the tools in legalworthy purposes.

4. What is the best way to scrape data?

The most straightforward way to scrape data from a website is to copy data from the source and study it manually—browser developer tools. Browsers have numerous built-in tools to inspect and extract website elements. One example is the review function, which shows the website’s underlying source code.

5. Can ChatGPT do web scraping?

Being an AI language model, ChatGPT can’t scrape public website data correctly. However, it can help write web scraping code.

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