12 Best AI tools for Healthcare Professionals

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Are you a doctor? Imagine wielding not just a stethoscope, but also the combined knowledge of every medical study ever conducted.

That’s the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare. This technology is rapidly transforming how we diagnose diseases, predict outcomes, and ultimately, save lives.

In a world where diseases are detected before they become emergencies and personalized treatment plans become the norm, hospitals run smoother, anticipating patient needs and optimizing workflows.

This isn’t science fiction; it’s the future of medicine, powered by AI healthcare tools. It’s leading the big changes happening in healthcare.

This article will explain the AI tools used by doctors in hospitals and clinics. It will also talk about how AI is changing and improving healthcare in important ways and empower you to make more informed decisions, streamline processes, and ultimately, deliver exceptional patient care.

12 Best Healthcare AI tools for Professionals

1. Hippocratic AI

Healthcare AI tools-hippocractic
Healthcare AI tools

HippocraticAI offers a strong computer system that uses artificial intelligence to help doctors diagnose and treat patients better. It uses special programs called algorithms and machine learning to correctly and quickly understand medical information like test results or scans. 

This helps doctors and nurses make smarter choices about patient care. The AI system makes work easier by automating some tasks. Its goal is to improve patient health and make clinics and hospitals run smoothly overall.

Key Features:

  • Uses AI to accurately analyze medical data
  • Improves diagnosis and treatment plans
  • Automates tasks to save time
  • Helps patients get better results
  • Works well with existing medical systems


customized pricing plans based on the specific needs and requirements of healthcare organizations.

2. Merative

Healthcare AI tools-merative
Healthcare AI tools

Merative is a company that makes special computer programs for doctors and hospitals. Their programs use artificial intelligence to help doctors understand patients’ health information better. This helps doctors give the right treatment to each patient. Merative’s programs can also study a lot of data to help make new medical discoveries.

 The programs make the doctor’s work easier so they can spend more time caring for patients. Merative’s programs give doctors helpful advice when they need to make important decisions about a patient’s care. The programs keep all patient information private and follow the rules about data safety.

Key Features:

  • Uses AI to help doctors understand patient data
  • Makes customized treatment plans for each patient
  • Helps make new medical discoveries by studying data
  • Makes doctors’ work easier so they can focus on patients
  • Gives helpful advice to doctors and keeps data private


Merative offers flexible pricing modelsIncluding subscription-based and usage-based plans, tailored to the specific needs of healthcare organizations.

3. Viz.ai

Healthcare AI tools-viz.ai
Healthcare AI tools

Viz.ai is a special computer program for doctors that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help detect diseases and coordinate patient care. It was created by two doctors, Chris Mansi and David Golan. This program can recognize a genetic heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is often missed.

Viz.ai’s intelligent system helps identify patients, provides important information to doctors, plans the best care path, and improves treatment outcomes for patients.

Key Features:

  • Makes care easier by connecting doctors
  • Uses smart computer codes to find diseases
  • Gives doctors information to make good decisions
  • Makes workflows smoother in hospitals
  • Help patients get better results


Viz.ai offers customized pricing plans Based on the specific needs and requirements of healthcare organizations.

4. Enlitic

Healthcare AI tools-Enlitic
Healthcare AI tools

Enlitic is an AI medical imaging software that seamlessly joins with healthcare providers’ current systems. It works in real-time support radiologists by automatically detecting findings, making measurements, analyzing scans, and drafting reports. Enlitic prioritizes worklists so important cases get attention first.

It also double checks radiology reports against images to catch any missed diagnoses. Overall, Enlitic uses artificial intelligence to boost efficiency, accuracy, and quality for medical diagnostic imaging interpretation. Healthcare organizations can rely on this software to optimize radiology workflow while delivering excellent patient care.

Key Features:

  • Integrates smoothly into existing healthcare systems
  • Checks radiology reports against images for quality
  • Helps radiologists prioritize worklists based on findings
  • Works alongside radiologists to detect subtle things, provide measurements, analyze, and generate reports
  • Uses AI to improve accuracy of diagnoses


Enlitic offers customized pricing plans Based on the specific needs and requirements of healthcare organizations.

5. Regard

Healthcare AI tools-regard-healthcare-ai
Healthcare AI tools

Regard used to be called Health Tensor. Their goal is to make healthcare better for patients and doctors. They use smart computer programs to automatically diagnose patients, write notes for doctors, and remove boring office work. Their system works with electronic medical records to look at patient information, suggest what might be wrong, write notes, and make sure doctors get paid properly.

With Regard, doctors can focus more on taking care of patients instead of paperwork. It makes healthcare easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

Key Features:

  • Automatically diagnoses patients using AI
  • Writes medical notes for doctors
  • Reduces doctor burnout by removing administrative tasks
  • Ensures doctors get paid correctly by finding missed billing
  • Integrates with electronic medical records seamlessly


Regard offers customized pricing plans Based on the specific needs and requirements of healthcare organizations.

6. Twill Health

Healthcare AI tools-twill health
Healthcare AI tools

Twill is a company that makes healthcare better with technology. Their main product is called Sequences. Sequences connect different health apps, treatments, coaching, and tools.

It creates a personalized care plan for each person. Sequences understand each person’s health needs and preferences. It guides them through the right care at the right time in the way they like.

Twill makes sure care is ethical and builds a good relationship with patients. Their content is proven to help people change behaviors in a positive way. Twill’s technology can work with other companies’ services.

Experts in healthcare, psychology, engineering, and technology all work together at Twill. Twill helps pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, large employers, and their members or employees.

Key Features:

  • Personalized care plans through Sequences
  • Ethical and responsible therapeutic relationship
  • Evidence-based content for positive outcomes
  • Integrates with other companies’ services
  • Multidisciplinary team of experts


Twill Health offers customized pricing plans based on the specific needs and requirements of healthcare organizations.

7. Linus Health

Healthcare AI tools-linus
Healthcare AI tools

If you care about brain health, Linus Health can help. Their digital platform uses advanced AI to detect cognitive and brain disorders early. It gives doctors useful insights and personalized plans for each patient. By partnering with top research groups, Linus Health speeds up proactive care for brain health.

Their system makes cognitive assessments easier with an iPad, automatic scoring, multiple languages, and decision support. Linus Health provides customized action plans for interventions based on a person’s needs. Their technology like DCTclock has over 10 years of research behind it. Yet it still uses familiar cognitive tests, making it accessible to doctors and patients.

Key Features:

  • Assessments that combine trusted tests with AI to detect cognitive issues early
  • Easy-to-use iPad system for doctors and researchers
  • Personalized action plans for each person’s needs
  • Proven technology backed by 10 years of research
  • Combines new technology with familiar testing methods


Linus Health offers customized pricing plans Based on the specific needs and requirements of healthcare organizations.

8. PathAI

Healthcare AI tools-pathAI
Healthcare AI tools

PathAI is transforming healthcare with AI. Its mission is to ensure patients get accurate diagnoses and good treatments, focusing on cancer. PathAI uses AI to boost diagnostic precision and make drug trials and treatments more effective. It’s developing affordable AI diagnostics for developing countries.

The technology personalized treatments for better outcomes. PathAI partners with pharmaceutical companies and clinics, applying AI to vast medical data. This data-driven approach drives innovation and enhances patient care. By harnessing AI’s power, PathAI is revolutionizing precision medicine and diagnostics, empowering healthcare providers to improve lives.

Key Features:

  • Uses AI to enhance accuracy of disease diagnosis
  • Accelerates drug development and improves treatment effectiveness
  • Focused on improving cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Committed to providing affordable AI diagnostics globally
  • Enables precise, personalized treatment plans for better patient outcomes


PathAI offers customized pricing plans Based on the specific needs and requirements of healthcare organizations.

9. Buoy Health

Healthcare AI tools

Buoy Health is a smart medical software that gives personalized health suggestions based on your symptoms. It uses artificial intelligence to combine the symptoms you report with the latest medical information. This helps Buoy understand potential causes and treatments for your illness.

Buoy recently launched an online marketplace with over three dozen digital health solutions for physical, mental, and specialty care needs.

Key Features:

  • Customized symptom checker that explains what could be causing your symptoms
  • Marketplace with many digital health services for different needs
  • Works with employers to provide health solutions through existing benefits
  • Employers can customize which digital health options to offer employees
  • Uses AI to provide accurate, up-to-date medical guidance


Buoy Health offers customized pricing plans Based on the specific needs and requirements of healthcare organizations.

10. Freenome

Healthcare AI tools-Freenome
Healthcare AI tools

Freenome is an innovative medical software that uses AI to develop blood tests for early disease detection, especially cancer. Its tests analyze patterns in the blood to identify suspicious molecular patterns linked to tumors, allowing for early cancer detection through a simple blood draw.

This technology bridges the gap in accessibility by offering a standard blood test that can detect cancer at its earliest stages, significantly improving the chances of successful treatment. With its advanced approach and potential for widespread impact, Freenome is at the forefront of revolutionizing cancer diagnostics and treatment.

Key Features:

  • Analyzes patterns in the blood to detect diseases
  • Identifies molecular patterns linked to tumors
  • Enables early detection of cancer through a blood test
  • Improves chances of successful cancer treatment
  • Uses AI and advanced technology


Free offers customized pricing plans Based on the specific needs and requirements of healthcare organizations,.

11. VirtuSense

Healthcare AI tools-virtusense_cover
Healthcare AI tools

Focusing on predictive technology, Virtu Sense aims to transform healthcare through AI that alerts staff to adverse events like falls, infections, and heart issues before they occur. Founded in 2013 to enable proactive care, Virtu Sense develops proven AI systems, like airport body scanners. Their Care Agents program with VST Balance and VST Alert uses sensors to predict and prevent falls, reducing them by 75% in nursing homes while increasing mobility by 85% in assisted living.

This lets residents age independently longer while staying safe. Virtu Sense’s solutions save costs, improve efficiency, and allow partnerships for effective fall prevention in senior living and skilled nursing communities.

Key Features:

  • Uses predictive AI to alert staff before health events
  • Care Agents program prevents falls for older adults
  • Reduces falls up to 75% in nursing homes
  • Increases mobility up to 85% in assisted living
  • Saves costs on medical expenses and insurance claims


Virtu Sense offers customized pricing plans Based on the specific needs and requirements of healthcare organizations.

12. Arterys

Healthcare AI tools-Arterys
Healthcare AI tools

Arterys is making medical imaging better. They have an internet platform that uses special 4D Flow technology to let doctors see and measure blood flow in the body without any invasive procedures or radiation.

This technology shows blood flow in the heart in 3D with automatic reporting. Arterys integrates with existing medical systems, uses cloud technology for speed, combines human and AI expertise for accuracy, is designed for efficiency, and has a viewer for professionals to collaborate on patient images. Arterys aims to improve patient outcomes and make imaging more intelligent and accessible globally.

Key Features:

  • Integrates seamlessly with existing medical systems like PACS, RIS, EMR, and dictation software.
  • Uses cloud-based GPU technology to perform tasks quickly, like rendering 3D files and running AI applications in real-time.
  • Combines human expertise with AI to improve patient outcomes and enhance the physician experience.
  • Designed for efficiency, it allows fast access to files of any size from anywhere.
  • Offers the Arterys Viewer, a simple tool for healthcare professionals to work together on patient studies and images without sharing personal information.


Arterys offers customized pricing plans Based on the specific needs and requirements of healthcare organizations,.


Artificial intelligence could help improve healthcare by making jobs simpler for doctors and nurses, and by assisting them in making better decisions about patients. However, we must consider the ethical issues surrounding using AI in this sensitive field. We need to protect people’s private medical information and follow rules on how AI can properly be employed in healthcare settings.

Despite the challenges involved, AI technology still has great potential to positively revolutionize how we deliver healthcare services if used carefully and responsibly. The benefits of AI in streamlining tasks and enhancing medical judgment could lead to better overal care for patients.

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