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12 Best Lead Generation Tools For B2B

Best Lead Generation Tools For B2B
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Manually looking for sales possibilities is time-consuming, taking hours that might be spent on extra profitable income activities.

A lead generation software program automates and improves the prospecting procedure. It allows income advertising and marketing teams to attract higher-quality leads by automating each inbound and outbound lead era.

By handling the lead sourcing method, lead generation tools permit salespeople to focus on remaining offers instead of trying to find new ones. It brings in targeted, income-prepared prospects, so reps can spend time on the perfect cost game. Ultimately, lead-generation tools boost productivity and revenues.

Use your necessities to find the lead generation tool that will be good for your commercial enterprise. 

Why Do You Need Tools For Lead Generation?

There are various  benefits to utilizing the best lead-technology methods for your commercial enterprise, such as:

  • Lead technology tools help corporations pick out and convert extraordinary leads into long-term clients.
  • They permit centered campaigns to target relevant possibilities based totally on demographics, pastimes, and so on, which improves conversion prices.
  • Targeting the proper customers improves the return on advertising and marketing investment, as they are the ones clients are much more likely to paste around.
  • The gear offers analytics to track leads through every degree and identify any leaks inside the sales funnel.
  • Strategic segmentation and concentration on promising customer subsets save effort and time.
  • Lead technology generation efficiently locates and nurtures leads that become exceptional long-term clients.
  • Advanced lead technology boosts the conversion of high-quality leads into profitable, long-term customers.

Types Of Lead-Generation Tools

There are several forms of lead-generation tools that marketers can use to draw and convert potential clients.

First, inbound tools like content advertising, search engine marketing, and social media help deliver certified leads to your internet site organically. They guide potentialities in your virtual presence.

Second, outbound tools actively try to find out and interact with leads via processes like email outreach, calling, and social media messaging. They project out to hook up with leads at once.

Third, on-page tools operate on your website itself to capture leads through forms, pop-ups, and other conversion elements right on your pages.

Fourth, conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools optimize the user experience to turn ordinary visitors into sales-qualified leads by improving conversion paths. They transform leads into buyers.

Fifth, marketing management tools oversee campaigns end-to-end, measuring results, monitoring analytics, and driving strategy. They coordinate marketing efforts.

Sixth, email marketing platforms craft nurturing campaigns to engage prospects and move them through the buyer’s journey via ongoing communication. They build relationships with leads.

With an overview of the diverse lead generation tool landscape, let’s now step into the top 12 essential B2B tools to boost your marketing.

Best 12 Lead Generation Tools For B2B

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Lead Generation Tools
Lead Generation Tools

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales intelligence tool designed particularly for enterprise-to-business (B2B) sales and advertising and marketing teams to pick out, connect with, and close greater possibilities on LinkedIn. It provides lead pointers, advanced search filters to discover perfect possibilities, conversation starters to personalize outreach, and actual-time signals when prospects meet predefined standards.


  • Lead recommendations based on ideal customer profiles
  • TeamLink collaboration tools
  • Conversation starters for reaching out to prospects
  • Advanced search filters and alerts


  • Monthly: $79.99 per user
  • Quarterly: $239.97 per user
  • Yearly: $959.88 per user

2. Outreach 

Outreach: Lead Generation Tools
Lead Generation Tools

Outreach is a sales engagement platform designed for business-to-enterprise (B2B) sales representatives to streamline their sales prospecting workflows and outbound approaches. The software program helps automate repetitive duties like electronic mail sequencing, smartphone calls, texts, and organizing purchaser statistics to maximize income performance. Key functions consist of AI-powered verbal exchange hints, configurable sales cadences, activity seizure, and insights, Gong calls recording integration, assembly schedules, and CRM-embedded engagement.


  • AI-powered prioritization of prospects
  • Email/calling/social sequences
  • Sales analytics and reporting
  • Integrations with sales & CRM tools


  • Monthly: $90 per user
  • Quarterly: $270 per user
  • Yearly: $1,080 per user

3. Clearbit

Clearbit: Lead Generation Tools
Lead Generation Tools

Clearbit is a business-to-business (B2B) data enrichment and prospecting platform designed to help teams identify, research, and connect with their target buyers more efficiently.

The software automatically appends firmographic data to leads, including standardized company information, technographics, social handles, and contact details of decision-makers. This enriched data enables sales and marketing professionals to discover more context about their prospects so they can personalize outreach campaigns and prioritize the highest potential accounts.


  • Lead enrichment with company & contact data
  • Target account identification
  • Seamless integrations with CRMs & sales tools
  • Email scraping to find prospects’ addresses


  • Monthly: $399
  • Quarterly: $1,197
  • Yearly: $4,788

4. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo: Lead Generation Tools
Lead Generation Tools

ZoomInfo is a business-to-business (B2B) touch-facts platform designed to gas lead technology and outbound income for sales groups.

It gives accurate and up-to-date company information and gets in touch with data on over 14 million groups and hundred and 20 million enterprise specialists. By combining automation with proprietary fact acquisitions, ZoomInfo provides one of the most robust databases of B2B intelligence for go-to-marketplace use instances like centered prospecting and profiling, information enrichment, and buyer motive tracking.


  • 200M+ B2B profiles and 90M+ direct dials
  • Contact data alerts when records are viewed
  • Seamless CRM integrations
  • Contact appending and list uploading


  • Custom pricing based on needs

5. Leadfeeder 

Leadfeeder: Lead Generation Tools
Lead Generation Tools

Leadfeeder is a business-to-business (B2B) web visitor identification and lead capture platform designed to power targeted sales prospecting. It tracks anonymous website traffic, captures key details on business visitors, and identifies the companies they work for – automatically enriching them into actionable leads. By revealing previously unknown prospects researching products, services, and competitors, Leadfeeder enables B2B marketing and sales teams to get alerts on their ideal customers as soon as they show interest.


  • Identifies who is visiting your site in real-time
  • Grades visitors by leading potential
  • Integrates with marketing & sales tools
  • Detailed analytics on visitor companies


  • Monthly: $69
  • Quarterly: $207
  • Yearly: $828

6. Drift

Drift: Lead Generation Tools
Lead Generation Tools

Drift is a conversational advertising and sales platform that enables enterprise-to-business (B2B) teams to interact with Internet site visitors and convert them into leads.

Key abilities consist of chatbots, stay chat, and e-mail that assist companies in qualifying prospects earlier in the purchaser journey through personalized, actual-time conversations. By providing relevant information to potentialities and routing them to the proper sales reps, Drift lets organizations capture greater leads, accelerate deal velocity, and grow their pipeline.


  • Chatbots with lead qualification
  • Team inbox for managing conversations
  • Visitor-to-lead scoring model
  • Sales pipeline visibility


  • Monthly: $50
  • Quarterly: $150
  • Yearly: $600

7. LeadForensics 

LeadForensics: Lead Generation Tools
Lead Generation Tools

LeadForensics is a lead-era answer for enterprise-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing teams to perceive nameless website visitors and turn them into actionable leads.

The software is famous for traveling to your internet site in real-time by shooting IP addresses and other digital footprints and go-referencing them towards over 1 billion business profiles. LeadForensics offers visitor names, titles, company information, email addresses, stable webforms, purpose records, and more to transform unknown net traffic into internet new leads.


  • Identifies anonymous visitors
  • Integrates with CRMs and MAPs
  • Alerts for sales follow-up
  • Tracks lead engagement over time


  • Monthly: $1,500
  • Quarterly: $4,500
  • Yearly: $18,000

8. 6sense

6sense: Lead Generation Tools
Lead Generation Tools

6sense is an AI-driven account engagement and revenue platform for business-to-business (B2B) organizations. It combines predictive intent, buyer intelligence, and data management capabilities to help revenue teams identify net new prospects and accelerate revenue performance. By analyzing buyer signals, technographic data, and customer activity from 6sense expanding data lake of over 30 billion daily events and 100 million business profiles, the platform can predict the most likely-to-convert accounts.


  • Uncovers accounts with high buying potential
  • Recommends targeted messaging for outreach
  • Predicts deals likely to close
  • Integrates with CRM and sales tools


  • Custom pricing

9. Demandbase

Demandbase:Lead Generation Tools
Lead Generation Tools

Demandbase is an AI-powered account-based total advertising platform for business-to-business enterprise (B2B) groups to enhance centered advertising and personalized engagement with key debts. The software programme leverages predictive analytics and reason records to identify strategic account objectives that align with sales priorities. Revenue groups can then orchestrate tailored internet site studies, digital ad campaigns, electronic mail nurtures, and income cadences custom-designed to how accounts engage with their emblem.


  • Identifies in-market buying committees
  • Personalized web experiences for target accounts
  • Integrates ads with Salesforce for closed-loop reporting
  • ABM analytics and engagement scoring


  • Custom pricing

10. LeadIQ

LeadIQ: Lead Generation Tools
Lead Generation Tools

LeadIQ is a Chrome extension empowering enterprise-to-enterprise (B2B) sales teams to instantly get admission to lead touch information even while viewing LinkedIn profiles, saving critical prospecting time and effort.

As income reps browse LinkedIn pages, LeadIQ automatically generates a lead record with key records like verified direct dials, email addresses, and actual-time alerts when contacts trade roles. By surfacing actionable records with one click, the device gets rid of the manual tactics of looking up intel from disparate resources across the internet and CRM systems.


  • Finds email addresses and phone numbers
  • Exports contacts into your CRM
  • Identifies connections for warm introductions
  • Works on LinkedIn Sales Navigator too


  • Monthly: $99
  • Quarterly: $297
  • Yearly: $1,188

11. Lead Generation Tools
Lead Generation Tools

Seamless. AI is a conversational marketing platform that enables corporations to transform website visitors into qualified leads through the use of personalized chatbots that provide 24/7 income assistance. Built for the business-to-business (B2B) call of the era, Seamless. AI engages potentialities via real-time, one-manner conversations to qualify hobbies, floor-perfect answers, and course-promising leads to income reps.


  • Smart chatbots tailored to your business
  • Live chat takeovers by sales reps
  • Integration with marketing automation platforms
  • Real-time analytics dashboard


  • Custom pricing

12. Madison Logic

Madison Logic: Lead Generation Tools
Lead Generation Tools

Madison Logic is an account-based advertising platform enabling business-to-business (B2B) marketers to serve targeted display and search ads to their most valuable accounts and turn them into leads. By combining intent-based technographics, firmographic data, and account intelligence, Madison Logic powers a robust audience-targeting engine to reach the right decision-makers across the buyer’s journey. Marketers can track all aspects from brand awareness to pipeline influence and optimize toward real-time campaign insights.


  • Remarketing to target accounts
  • Integrates with Salesforce & Marketo
  • ABM analytics and reporting
  • Managed services team support


  • Custom pricing


Here is the chart which is comparing all 12 best tools for B2B lead generation :

Lead Generation ToolFeaturesPricing
LinkedIn Sales NavigatorAdvanced search filters and alertsStarts at $79.99/month per user
OutreachIntegrations with sales & CRM toolsStarts at $90/month per user
ClearbitLead enrichment with company & contact dataStarts at $399/month
ZoomInfoContact appending and list uploadingCustom pricing based on needs
LeadfeederIdentifies who is visiting your site in real-time$199 per month billed annually
DriftChatbots with lead qualificationStarts at $50/month
LeadForensicsTracks lead engagement over timeStarts at $1,500/month
6sensePredicts deals likely to close, Integrates with CRM and sales toolsCustom quote
DemandbaseABM analytics and engagement scoringCustom quote
LeadIQWorks on LinkedIn Sales Navigator tooStarts at $99/month
Seamless.aiReal-time analytics dashboardCustom pricing
Madison LogicRemarketing to target accounts, Integrates with Salesforce & Marketo, ABM analytics and reporting, Managed services team supportCustom pricing

How to Choose B2B Tools For Lead Generation?

When selecting tools for lead generation for your B2B business, there are a few key factors to weigh:

  • Review which marketing channels (email, social media, etc.) are currently most effective and which require improvement. Focus your tools on maximizing results in your best-performing channels.
  • Determine your budget for new software and services. This will help narrow options to ones that align with your spending limits.
  • Calculate the ROI you need to justify the investment. Use this metric when comparing different tools.
  • Identify how many employees will utilize these new tools. Some options work better for individual users vs. company-wide platforms.

Keeping these aspects in mind will help you choose lead-generation solutions tailored to your specific business needs and goals. Reach out if you need any help further optimizing your inbound marketing and sales processes.


Lead generation tools are essential for B2B companies to automate finding and engaging with potential customers. The right tools can provide targeted leads, help sales teams prioritize outreach, and reveal analytics to optimize campaigns. When selecting lead gen solutions, focus on your best marketing channels, budget, expected ROI, and number of users. With an effective stack integrated across marketing and sales, businesses can improve productivity and revenue growth through more qualified leads converting at higher rates. Simply put, lead generation software supercharges a B2B organization’s ability to connect with its ideal customers.


Q: What varieties of tools can assist generate leads for B2B companies?

A: Inbound, outbound, on-web page, conversion rate optimization, advertising and marketing automation, and e-mail advertising equipment can assist generate B2B leads.

Q: How can lead generation gear improve sales performance?

A: By automating lead sourcing and supplying analytics, lead technology equipment permits income groups to focus on remaining deals in preference to prospecting.

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